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3 Tips For Choosing Your Getting Ready Room

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Ahhh the plans are finally coming together for your wedding day! Now it’s time to choose your getting ready room. Why is this so important? Well, it’s the location where all of your detail photos will take place, where you put on your wedding day attire, and where your first wedding day portraits will be done! Just choosing a random room won’t suffice. Here are some 3 tips for selecting your getting ready room with care that your wedding photographer will love you for!

Tip 1: Natural Light

If you want some gorgeous wedding day photos, look for a getting room with lots of natural light! I’m talking tons of windows for the light to shine through. On our wedding day, my getting ready room had a full wall of windows for our photographer to have as much natural light as possible. It gives your photos a beautiful glow to everyone in the room. It also helps your wedding details to look as natural as possible! Natural light is key for your wedding photos and starting your day in a bright room truly changes the mood of the day!

Choosing Your Getting Ready Room Orlando Destination Wedding Photographer

Tip 2: Clean and Open

When I was choosing where to get ready for my day, I compared all of the different hotels and AirBnbs in our area to look at the furniture. I know what you’re thinking. Why??? Well, when I talk about a clean and open room, I’m talking about free of clutter, crazy patterned furniture, or strange objects. You don’t need a bright orange couch or funky statues in your getting ready photos (unless those happen to be your vibe, then all the power to you!). Look for rooms that have an open and uncluttered floor plan.

Choosing Your Getting Ready Room Orlando Destination Wedding Photographer

Also, keep cleaning up as you are getting ready! Items like phone chargers, makeup bags, and food are things that will inevitably end up in your photos if you aren’t paying attention. You want to have room to put on and move around in your outfit too! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve moved furniture around in getting ready rooms on wedding days so that we would have space to put on the dress, or time wasted cleaning a room of clutter. Keep this in mind when booking a space.

Tip 3: Hotel vs. AirBnb vs. Bridal Suites

Speaking of bright orange couches… what type of venue is best to get ready in? Many venues have gorgeous bridal suites to get ready in (I’m talking bright walls, high ceilings, and tons of natural light). Some getting ready rooms, though, are dark, windowless rooms. Don’t fret! There are other options out there! Hotels can be a good alternative if you book something with a natural feel (like our hotel in Aspen.. see our day here!). Honestly, though, these can be hard to come by and your want to avoid those bright couches and crazy carpets! Airbnbs are a great newer option for getting ready. You can rent out a whole house for you and your wedding party. You will have more control over your space and the style you’d prefer in your photos! They are all over the place now, so there’s more than likely one close to your venue.

Choosing Your Getting Ready Room Orlando Destination Wedding Photographer

Choosing Your Getting Ready Room

If your venue doesn’t offer a great option for your getting ready room, don’t feel like you have to use it. It can always be a great hanging out space for when you are in hiding! Find your perfect space with lots of windows, clean of clutter, an open floor plan, and ties in to the style of your wedding. Keeping these tips in mind for choosing your getting ready room will help you have the most perfect wedding photos! And if I am your wedding photographer, you can be sure I’ll love you even more for it.

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