5 Best Industrial Wedding Venues in Orlando for Your Dream Wedding

The 5 Best Industrial Wedding Venues in Orlando to Make Your Dream Wedding Come True!

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Industrial-style wedding venues in Orlando are becoming quite popular these days, and I’m here for it. It’s something about exposed brick, metal on wood, and the unfinished look of it that I love and adore for wedding venues. Industrial style is great for wedding venues because you can spruce it up with anything you want – from simple greenery, to Edison lights – it all goes with the style. 

Orlando Wedding Photographer The Balcony Orlando Wedding Venue Industrial wedding venues in Orlando

Below are 5 of my favorite Industrial Style wedding venues in Orlando, FL!

Artisan Alley Garage

The word garage being in the title is a dead giveaway that this is industrial style. Located on West Georgia Avenue, this 5,500 square foot venue is beautiful for the industrial wedding of your dreams. 

Being in the Artisan Alley Garage is almost like being in a garage, except it’s a lot cleaner and a lot more beautiful. It features exposed metal structuring at the top of the venue, cement flooring, and exposed brick walls. It’s a breathtaking venue!

1010 West

This venue is absolutely beautiful if you’re looking to have an industrial-style wedding in Orlando. 1010 West is one of the most popular wedding venues in Orlando, and if you can get a spot reserved, do it!

This features beautiful arched metal framing on the roof, exposed brick, and shiplap around the venue. It’s like getting married in a fairytale! I must warn you – when you approach 1010 West, it does feel like walking into a speak-easy. But, once you get inside, you’ll be left breathless.

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

The Winter Park Farmer’s Market is one of Orlando’s most popular wedding venues to its beautiful architecture and historic nature. The industrial-style wedding venue features all your industrial favorites: exposed brick walls, sliding barn doors, and exposed rafters. This venue is perfect for an industrial-style wedding! 

The Balcony Orlando

This venue is perfect if you want an outdoor wedding, while also staying true to industrial style. The Balcony Orlando classifies under industrial simply because it’s on a rooftop in the heart of Orlando where you can see all the commercial buildings in the background. The inside is just as beautiful and industrial looking on the inside. The exposed rafters, cement floors, and exposed piping gives it that industrial feel. 

This venue is breath-taking both inside and out, day or night. It will be the perfect location for your industrial-style wedding. You can check out my personal tour of The Balcony Orlando here on the blog!

Quantum Leap Winery

Last but not least, the Quantum Leap Winery. This is a working winery that you can transform into the industrial wedding of your dreams. All of your guests will see the wine barrels around them as they dine. It’ll give you the feeling of being in an authentic winery in Europe!

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If you want an industrial style wedding venue in Orlando, you have to glance at these places! They feature everything you could ask for when it comes to industrial-style venues in Orlando, Florida. No matter which venue you choose, you will be able to live out the industrial-style wedding you dreamed of! 

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