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5 Reasons to Elope in the Florida Keys

5 reasons to elope in the florida keys husband and wife on the beach holding hands

After this crazy year we’ve had with 2020, eloping is becoming far more popular than ever before. I even eloped in Colorado with my husband! If you aren’t familiar with eloping, it basically means to have an intimate wedding with a small group of people. Most of the time, it is done in an epic destination with minimal guests and planning. You can get eloped pretty much anywhere in the world, but why not do it on a Florida Keys beach?! I mean, who doesn’t want to get married somewhere beautiful, warm, and with just your closest family and friends?

Here are 5 reasons why you should Elope in the Florida Keys:

The Weather

This is one of the most obvious reasons you should elope in the Florida Keys. No matter which key you decide to elope on, your weather will be AMAZING. While Florida does get pretty warm and humid during the summer months, it’s pretty much perfect weather year-round. Weather is the number one deciding factor people get married in the Florida Keys, and honestly, we don’t blame them!

Plenty of Venue Options

The Florida Keys have hundreds of venues to get married at that are either right on the water, or right on the beach. Eloping on the beach is everyone’s dream, right? So why not do it where there are 800 Keys to choose from, hundreds of venues to choose from, and most importantly, ones that can most likely get you in at the last second!

The Perfect Intimate Guest List

Having an elopement is amazing because your guest list is much more intimate. You’re most likely inviting only your closest friends and family. This means more of your favorite people are likely to attend your wedding, especially if it’s in sunny Florida! 

Super Easy Travel

Florida is an easy state to get to. There are a lot of airport options in Florida – so no matter where your guests are coming from, they’ll have easy access to your elopement location in the Florida Keys. There is also a direct airport into Key West! The best part? If your guests want to make a trip out of it, they have so many options! They can go to Orlando and spend a day in Universal, or they can spend the day at Disney! The drive from Orlando to Key West is very doable in a day!

The Scenery

No matter what part of the Florida Keys you get elope in, the scenery behind you is going to be beautiful. The Florida Keys are known for its beautiful beaches and waterfront locations, so no matter what you do, you’ll have beautiful photos to look at for the rest of your lives. 

Sunny Beach Elope in the Florida Keys

Elope in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are one of the best and most popular places to get married. Not only that, but it’s also a super popular place for couples to elope. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do weddings these days, but I love seeing couples elope in the beautiful Florida Keys!

See a real elopement from me here! You can also check out my OWN elopement in Colorado here!

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