5 Tips to Save Money with Wedding Flowers

5 Tips to Save Money with Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are a staple detail for your big day! They add an element of freshness, beauty, and simplicity. They are also a photographer’s favorite styling tool for portraits! I personally love to add your flowers to all of your detail photos to add some pop. They are also a great way to give your hands something to do during formal portraits!

Wedding Flowers in Detail Photos

Wedding flowers can be very costly, though. To help use your budget efficiently and still add a luxury style to your wedding, here are 5 tips for wedding day flowers!

1. Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Although you may have your heart set on a particular flower, your costs will rise immensely by hauling in flowers from all over the world. An alternative is to choose flowers that are currently in bloom in your area. Your florist will be able to give you many options within your price range. Bring a color scheme to help them narrow down the best choices for you!

If you still want to incorporate the flower your heart is set on, you can buy some extremely realistic flowers from shops such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby!

Wedding Flowers that are Seasonal

2. Consider Alternative Centerpieces

Another way to save some money on your flower choices is to think of alternative centerpieces. Reserve your gorgeous flowers for your ceremony and bouquets! Most centerpieces are either left at the reception or given away to guests/vendors afterwards since they are forgotten about at the end of the wedding. I can’t tell you how many gorgeous pieces I’ve been offered or seen thrown away! Save yourself some money by choosing alternatives such as candles or glass bowls with glass pebbles. You can also choose something venue-inspired such as wildflowers or a simple floating flower at each table rather than expensive displays. 

3. Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

Want gorgeous displays at both your ceremony AND reception? Consider reusing your flowers at both locations! Your aisle arrangements can be used at the buffets and gift tables. Your bridesmaid bouquets can add to your cake table. Any archway flowers can be used at your exit! Plus, the flower petals from the flower-girl are a great decor for tables!

Wedding Flowers to Reuse

4. Avoid Setting Your Date on Flower Friendly Holidays

If you are considering a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day weekend wedding, think twice if you are wanting flowers! Florists are most in demand on these holidays which means they are working overtime, especially to complete a wedding. Prices will be much higher during flower demanding holidays and times of year. 

5. Stick with Greenery

Choose greenery such leaves, ferns, and eucalyptus as an alternative to flowers. Not only are they gorgeous and earthy in photos, but they take up a lot of space and cost much less. You can also choose a few flowers to add some color, but you won’t need as much as a normal bouquet.

Wedding Flowers with Greenery

Bonus Tip!

Chrysanthemums, cosmos, daisies, and dahlias are the most cost effective flowers while orchids, peonies, and lily of the valley are the most expensive. Everything else falls somewhere in between (except roses during holidays!!).

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