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Hey there! I’m Haleigh, the owner & principal photographer of Haleigh Nicole Photography. I'm a twenty-something, small town girl from Northern New Jersey, now residing in Orlando, Florida. Most days you can find me binge-watching Hulu, hanging out at the fitness studio, or planning my next grand adventure. I'm slightly sarcastic and overly passionate about my work. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Jack, and have recently rescued a sweet cocker spaniel named Rocky.

Photography found me in the theatre in 2010. I photographed live productions and headshots, learning my craft. In 2014, I made the leap into full time photography, and never looked back. Since then, I’ve photographed over 30 weddings, many families and couples, and have been featured in multiple publications. As a self-taught photographer, I never imagined it would take me to so many places, much less be able to call it my career. Today, I photograph weddings, families, and more all over the country.

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Jack and I love to be personally connected to our clients! We get to know you during our emails and your session, but what will you know about us? Take a peek into our lives and get to the couple behind the camera! We're going to take you back to college where our story began! 

Get to know Our story

Jack and I met during my junior year of college back in April of 2015! I was working on a dance show at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center as the master electrician and lighting designer (we are huge theatre nerds and went to school for it). Jack walked in and crowded my space. I was stressed and said some not so nice things to him since I had no idea who he was. He took it and gave it right back to me! I think this is when I knew he was the one. I later found out that he transferred to our school and was the new audio guy. I pestered him for a week or two and even got him to help me move out of my apartment. We finally went on a real date and have been together ever since!

Chapter One: The Meeting

I had my internship in Richmond, Virginia one month after Jack and I started dating. We were apart for three months, but nothing changed! The next year, Jack did his internship in New London, Connecticut for another three months, but we were still going strong. After a string of terrible roommates and jobs not working, we knew that we would be the best support for each other. We moved in together in May of 2017 and started our future! 

Chapter Two: The Next Steps

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in May of 2016, but Jack still had credits to finish before he finished his third degree. Balancing the real world on my own was difficult, but I knew we'd both be in it together soon! Jack was my strongest support system through the bad, and I helped with the school portion. Jack officially finished his schooling in 2018 and started his career as a professional sound designer for theatre! Through the good and bad, ups and downs, we have made it and have become successful creators together. 

Chapter Three: The Real World

After years of attempting to coordinate two completely opposite schedules and becoming frustrated that we never saw each other, we decided to start contemplating becoming a couple photography team. It was such a hard decision, but we knew this was our next step. Jack joined Haleigh Nicole Photography officially at the beginning of 2018 and we have LOVED this season of life as partners! He is my second photographer and assistant on all sessions and weddings. 

Chapter Four: The Merge

Don't worry, it's a fur-baby! We rescued our sweet, derpy, 7 year old cocker spaniel named Rocky in August of 2018! He came to us at the most perfect time in our life and has completed our current family. He loves to take rides in the car, play with his football and squirrel, and take long walks with us! He is the perfect mix of loving, protecting, and weird. We couldn't ask for anything more! Rocky will always be our first love. 

Chapter Five: We Adopt a Baby

Our Story

Our Family


Sound Designer, Second Photographer, Stress Reliever, Surfer, and Musician.  


Boss Lady, Lead Photographer, Content Creator, Sarcasm Queen, and Lover of All Things Nerdy.


Fluffy, Emotional Support, Squirrel Chaser, Car Rider, Nap King, Cuddle Monster, and Bowtie Wearer.  

Our Top 5

Our household is very tense for a majority of the year. 

Yankees + Giants

Red Sox + Patriots

Fall + Winter Candles

Give me the pumpkin and cookie scents any day! Summer is too fruity and Spring is too flowery.

Musical Toys

Guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, ukulele, buckets, tables, umbrellas... anything can be musical if you try!


Let's taco bout it,
shall we? 

Board + Card Games

Catan, anyone? How about Bears vs Babies?

Wawa Smoothies

It's a Jersey thing.


Meals for days!


Such a stress reliever. Jack is happy about it.


The ocean calls for me. Like Moana!

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Where We Shoot

Current Locations

- Florida
- Georgia
- South Carolina
- North Carolina
- Virginia
- West Virginia

- New Jersey
-New York
- Pennsylvania
- Maryland
- Washington DC
- Cozumel, Mexico

Dream Locations

- California
- Tennessee
- Arizona
- Oregon
- Colorado
- Illinois

- Paris
- Ireland
- Spain
- Australia
- Scotland
- India