5 Reasons To Have a Gorgeous Anna Maria Island Wedding

5 Reasons To Have a Gorgeous Anna Maria Island Wedding

Anna Maria Island, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is known for its beautiful beaches. If you’re looking to have your dream destination on a white sand beach overlooking turquoise blue water, an Anna Maria Island wedding cannot be beat. Whether you want a traditional style wedding or one that fits your personality, Anna Maria Island is a beautiful and versatile place to do whatever you want. There’s no better feeling than a suntan and sand between your toes, so why not feel it while getting married to the love of your life?

There are so many reasons why you should have an Anna Maria Island wedding. Here are my top 5!

An Intimate Island

Looking for an intimate romantic getaway? Anna Maria Island is the perfect spot. The island covers 554 acres over Florida’s Gulf Coast. While the island is a big spot for tourists, it never feels crowded because of how spacious it is. This is why I think it’s a perfect spot for a beach wedding! It’s so rare that you will see a non-guest in your wedding photos. You’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine getting married on this intimate island.

Anna Maria Island Wedding at sunset

Close Proximity to Town

While Anna Maria Island feels like it’s far away from the rest of Florida, you’re only a short car ride from everything you could ever need. You can head into your other favorite Florida cities for shopping, grocery stores, and some of the best food places ever. 

The Fresh Seafood

If you’re a seafood junkie, then you definitely need to have an Anna Maria Island wedding! They have locally-sourced seafood ranging from scallops, shrimps, lobster, and oysters – all your favorite seafood. The main wedding venues on Anna Maria Island serve locally sourced seafood, as well as farm-raised veggies from their local farmers. Not only will you have delicious, fresh food, you’ll also feel good about where it’s coming from!

Variety of Venues

Speaking of venues… Anna Maria Island is a popular wedding destination, and there are so many different venues to choose from. Depending on your style and preference, there is a wedding venue to fit your and your partner’s personalities! See a list of the best Anna Maria Island wedding venues here

Wedding and Honeymoon in One Spot

One of my favorite things about Anna Maria Island is that it’s both a wedding destination and a honeymoon destination! You don’t have to stress about getting up and packing for your next trip because you’re already there! You can have your wedding here, and then stay an extra week after guests leave to celebrate your honeymoon! That is a major win-win if I do say so myself.

anna maria island wedding

Anna Maria Island Wedding

Anna Maria Island is a beautiful place to get married if you’re looking to get married in Florida. It’s secluded, while also still being within a short driving distance to anything you could need. No matter where you go on Anna Maria Island, there are beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and beautiful places to get married!

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