Greyson | Cake Smash + First Birthday

Where do I even begin with this session? This first birthday and cake smash session meant the world to me because the little guest of honor is also my workout buddy, Greyson! If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you know that I train at Art of Fitness Personal Training and Yoga studio every week. My trainer, Ron, asked me to be a part of this special moment in his life and I couldn’t resist. I’ve known this sweet boy since he was born and he has become one of the many joys in our lives. Jack and I can’t get enough of him!

We travelled to Art of Fitness and set up shop in the front corner of the studio. This is a new one for us because we are natural light photographers and typically only shoot outdoors! With Ron being the owner, he still had to run his studio, so we went with it (and LOVED it)!


The first part of our session with Greyson took place in front of our grey backdrop to incorporate his name! Blue and silver balloons, along with a blue stool, completed his look. Greyson didn’t want to wait for clothes and started crawling towards us, ready to model. He is such a character and loved playing with the balloons. Having a trainer for a dad, Greyson was also destined to be obsessed with fitness. He chose rings and a 45lb dumbbell to show off with during his session!


The next part of our session included some father/son bonding. Ron is a HUGE Yankees fan (as am I) and he passed this love on to his son. Complete with his father’s jersey, hats, and Greyson’s ABC book, it was a Yankee dream. Jack was very uncomfortable as a Red Sox fan, but he doesn’t count! We also captured some big smiles from Greyson as the played their favorite game together.


The final and most entertaining part of our session was the one-year cake smash. Publix Bakery made us a wonderful white and blue smash cake for Greyson. Greyson had never really been exposed to sugar before, so we were curious how he would react. Ron is also a very clean person, so we were curious if he inherited that trait.


Greyson approached the cake quickly and stuck his hand in it, but his reaction was unexpected. He immediately pulled away, stared at his hand, and cried. He did NOT like the mess!! Ron tried to feed Greyson some of the cake and he hated it. I had never had this from a cake smash client before and it was great! Greyson is going to grow up to be a fit and clean young man, and I’m sure his father couldn’t be prouder!

Greyson turned one yesterday and I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. His teeth are growing in, he’s crawling, pulling himself up on his own, and has said his first word! I can’t wait to see him grow more and I am so thankful for Ron and Greyson being in our lives.

Take a peek at Greyson’s first birthday and share the love!

Greyson | Cake Smash | Art of Fitness | Dr. Phillips, FL



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