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Baby Wheels Orlando

What is Baby Wheels Orlando?

If you’ve ever been to Orlando with children and brought your own stroller, it’s time to start using stroller rentals! Baby Wheels Orlando is an Orlando-based stroller rental company that only rents out strollers to individuals exploring Orlando, Florida. 

Owners Pam and John Hopgood, who were constantly visiting Orlando from England, struggled with how to travel with children’s strollers. They loved bringing their children and grandchildren to Orlando to see all the attractions, but when they went looking for stroller rentals, they had a hard time finding one. 

John and Pam created what is now known as Baby Wheels Orlando – one of the most popular stroller rental companies in all of Orlando. They make renting a stroller easy and affordable, and they have stroller options to fit every family’s needs. 

If you’re in the Orlando area looking for stroller rentals, here’s why you should always use Baby Wheels Orlando…


4 reasons you should use Baby Wheels Orlando for your stroller rental:

Variety of Options

Every family has a different number of kids of all ages. When it comes to renting a stroller, family needs vary. Baby Wheels Orlando offers 8+ different stroller options so every family has access to a stroller they need. The best thing about their strollers is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. No matter what kind of stroller you are looking for, whether it be a single, double, or mini stroller, this place offers them all! 

Affordable Pricing

If you’re looking to do a trip to Disney, you know it’s going to be an expensive trip. If you have to rent strollers on top of that cost, you don’t want the rental price to be pricey too. With Baby Wheels Orlando, you can rent high-quality baby strollers at affordable prices. Ranging anywhere between $30-70 for a rental (depending on how many nights), you can rent a baby stroller at a price you’ll love! No other rental company has more affordable pricing!

Transportation Friendly Strollers

When you’re visiting and exploring Orlando, you will likely be using public transportation to get to and from different places. If you’re renting a stroller for the week, you want to be able to easily fold up and travel with your stroller. Each stroller from Baby Wheels Orlando can be easily transported on all trams, monorails, buses, and more. No need to worry about traveling with your rental stroller!

Requirements & Approval

Baby strollers are something that most parents take a lot of time choosing. You want a high-quality stroller that is light, durable, and safe for your little ones. At Baby Wheels Orlando, they make sure every stroller they rent is ‘parent approved’ as well as meeting all theme park requirements. 


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