Why You Should Choose Barefoot Birth for Your Midwifery Service!

barefoot birth

I know sometimes your pregnancy may provide you with a lot of different questions and concerns. Because of this, I’ve taken the time to research some of the best midwives in Central Florida to help! Barefoot Birth happens to be one of those awesome resources!

Barefoot Birth provides moms-to-be and their families with a wide variety of personalized services. Some of these services include but are not limited to, home birth services, prenatal care, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Barefoot Birth consists of a team of highly trained and experienced midwives. Each one of these individuals will be there to support any decisions made during your pregnancy, and support your family through this new chapter!

Why You Should Choose Barefoot Birth

When you have the option to choose any other midwife service in Central Florida, choosing Barefoot Birth means you’ll be receiving the most quality care around. Here are some of the awesome services provided…

Personalized Prenatal Care

Choosing the right care during your pregnancy can be a really stressful and quite intimidating time. Knowing how much financial resources can affect the quality of care you’re able to receive, Barefoot Birth makes it a mission to provide care that is easily accessible. Luckily, if financials are a big factor for your individual needs, the team is able to set up other options for you. If you’re just needing education and maybe a support system in the hospital, there are options for that as well!

Massage Therapy

What a woman’s body can do during the pregnancy and delivery process is quite miraculous. However, it is recognized that this new chapter of your life can be quite strenuous on your body as well. It is proven that massage therapy is successful at reducing both physical and emotional stress. Not only is Barefoot Birth experienced in teaching newly expecting couples their own massage therapy skills, but the team can also give you tips on how to massage your new little one. Massaging your infant will become vital to your bonding period as well!

Home Birth Services

Home births are such a wonderful and successfully proven way to have a comfortable birthing process – because you’re in the place you feel most at ease. From the comfort of your own home, the experienced Barefoot Birth team can assist you in welcoming your little one in the Tampa Bay area. Every mom-to-be has varying needs, requests, and concerns. Because of this, the team’s experienced nurses and midwives are able to provide each family with a specialized at-home delivery. While being both care providers and midwifes, the Barefoot Birth team is also there to be your biggest cheerleaders. What better way to do that than to have individual attention on you and your new family during this unique experience?

Doula Services

One of the things I tend to see in common with new moms is the need for support. Luckily, Barefoot Birth offers massive amounts of support and care throughout your pregnancy journey. Some of the things provided by doulas are prenatal visits, education, as well as maintaining a positive environment for mom and baby. Doulas are also able to provide families with their own personalized birth plans.

Barefoot Birth

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