Best Orlando Portrait Locations for Family and Maternity Sessions

Hey everyone! Okay, so as an Orlando portrait photographer, one of my frequently asked questions is “Where should we hold our portrait session???” I send out a location guide to all of my clients, but today, I’m opening it up to you! Here’s a list of my favorite Orlando portrait locations.

Lake Louisa

Mom-to-be at Lake Louisa Orlando Maternity Photographer

I might be a little biased here, but Lake Louisa is one of my go-to Orlando portrait locations. I love it so much that we did my own family photos here as well as our engagement photos! This is a perfect spot for those who can’t walk long distances because you can drive to every beautiful place. Everywhere you turn is a new look! Some other great features of Lake Louisa include golden grass, large oak and pine trees, lakefront views, and southern moss.

Lake Runnymede

Couple laughing at Lake Runnymede Orlando Engagement Photographer

Lake Runnymede was shown to me about 5 years ago and it’s been a fan favorite ever since! It’s a little secret oasis in the heart of where I grew up, St. Cloud. It calls for a little bit of walking and adventure, but it’s totally worth it. Plus the arching branches are to die for!! Some great features of Lake Runnymede are tall golden grass, large oak trees, and southern moss.

Split Oak

Family laughing at Split Oak Forest Orlando Family Photographer Orlando Portrait Locations

Split Oak Forest is a fairly new location to me, but it quickly has become one of my favorite Orlando portrait locations. It’s often home to my mini sessions (which are coming up soon, so contact me here for more info!!) because it’s so easy to get to. You can find so much beauty even in just the very beginning of the forest, but it also goes on forever if you want to explore! Great features of Split Oak Forest include golden grass, large oak trees, wide open fields, southern moss, and walkable trails.

Park Ave

Couple laughing on Park Ave Winter Park Engagement Photographer

Park Ave always terrified me because of the crowds it attracts. However, I recently discovered the quiet parts and fell in love with this Orlando portrait location! Located in Downtown Winter Park, parts of Park Ave create an amazing downtown feel without the hustle and bustle. It’s the perfect place for those who want a bright and clean look! Park Ave has some amazingly gorgeous architecture with all of the churches lining the street.

Disney’s Boardwalk

Parents-to-be laughing at Disney's Boardwalk Orlando Maternity Photographer Orlando Portrait Locations

I never thought Disney would top my Orlando portrait locations list, but the Boardwalk has been one of my favorite places to photograph! Sunrise is my favorite time for sessions here because it’s so empty. I love the bright and clean feeling it gives off! It does require some walking around to get to the best spots, but it’s honestly so worth it. Some awesome features of Disney’s Boardwalk include a small town feel, large boardwalk, beach front access, and a lake view.

Kraft Azalea Gardens

Parents-to-be laughing at Kraft Azalea Gardens Orlando Portrait Photographer

This is one Orlando portrait location I don’t get to often, but love it when I do! Kraft Azalea Gardens is a little secret oasis of mine. The tall, mossy pine trees frame the space beautifully. There is so much open landscape to play with. It also has a gorgeous lake and amazing architecture!

Downtown Winter Garden

Couple laughing in Downtown Winter Garden Winter Garden Engagement Photographer

Rounding out my favorite Orlando portrait locations is Downtown Winter Garden. I really got to know the area when Jack was working at the Garden Theatre in Downtown. I love the small town downtown vibe it gives off! There is amazing architecture throughout the town and it gives off a bright and clean look. There is a bit of walking required to get to all of the hidden spots, but it’s seriously worth it. Plus, all the business in the area are super cool and if you ask nicely, they might let you photograph in some great places!

Orlando Portrait Locations

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of my favorite Orlando portrait locations! I have many more favorites, but some have to stay a secret for my clients. But, you can always book your session here to learn more!!

Orlando Portrait Photographer

Check out some of my full sessions from these Orlando portrait locations below!

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