A Peek Into The Breath Of Life Birth Center In Largo, Florida

Breath of Life Birth Center

If you’re choosing Breath of Life Birth Center for your pregnancy, great choice! They truly are a great option if you are looking for a more natural birthing experience and personal feel to your pregnancy journey.

Breath of Life Birth Center prides itself on providing expecting families with safe, personal, and empowering natural births where you are in charge of your journey. You should be able to make the decisions of where you want to give birth, how you want to give birth, and what kind of treatment you want! This place does exactly that. Being Tampa Bay’s only nationally accredited birth center, you can’t go wrong with choosing this for your next pregnancy! If you’re currently pregnant and looking for a birthing center, here’s why you should choose Breath of Life Birth center!

Benefits of Breath of Life Birth Center

As soon as you chose Breath of Life Birth Center, you will begin receiving around-the-clock services. A link will be provided to you for the Maternity Neighborhood that includes your online medical char. This is where you can view your health status and medical history throughout your pregnancy. You will receive routine visits with nurses and midwives to conduct exams and gather bloodwork. They want to make sure that your baby is as perfect as can be. From start to finish you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve.


There are several options available to you during labor and delivery including massages, hydrotherapy, birth balls, and hot/cold therapy. The process is completely custom to your preference. You get to chose the music, the position, and movements, as well as take a well-needed break outside in the sunshine. If you are hungry, you may eat whatever and whenever you like. The Breath of Life Birth Center also offers nitrous oxide which is a safe and effective way to cope with the intensity of labor. The center provides childbirth classes that are customized for the natural childbirth experience that you can take throughout your pregnancy. During your labor, you have the option of having a doula who can assist with continuous, non-medical assistance. They will work together with your midwife to provide you with the best care and comfort during labor.

Plenty of Options

Ever wanted to give birth at the beach or in the mountains? The Breath of Life Birth Center has several custom birthing suites. This includes the beach suite, the ocean suite, and the mountain suite. The suites are private that feel like you are checking into the Four Seasons. The suites include a water birth tub and have access to an outdoor space if you crave fresh air and sunshine. You are also in charge of who and how many people you want to experience the birth of your new bundle. This is unlike a hospital setting that limits the number of guests during your birthing process.

This birthing center accepts insurance and will go over in detail a financial agreement based on your plan benefits so there are no hidden fees or costs so everything is taken care of ahead of time so you can be free of any stress the day your precious baby arrives.

Breath of Life Birth Center

This birth center will guarantee that you are supported with love, kindness, and respect for all your decisions throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth to your beautiful new baby. If you’re looking for the best birthing centers in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and you aren’t sure where to go, I highly recommend Breath of Life Birth Center in Largo, Florida!

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