Choose Celebrate Birth Lakeland Midwifery for Your Birthing Journey

Celebrate Birth Lakeland

If you happen to be looking for an independent midwifery practice, Celebrate Birth Lakeland is the one for you! Operated by Melissa Conord-Morrow, this birth center is the only one of its kind in Polk County. This 30-year-old midwifery service will feel just like home for you. As a new momma-to-be, it’s understandable that everything is very new and can be overwhelming. That is why I have researched this amazing midwifery service as an option for you and your new little one!

Why You Should Choose Celebrate Birth Lakeland

Prenatal, Birth, And Postpartum Care

Celebrate Birth Lakeland offers the best of the best care throughout the pregnancy and delivery process. Unlike other midwives, this practice offers an option to deliver your new little one at the birth center, in the hospital, or at the comfort of your own home. If you think a delivery at home or in the birth center is best for you, mommas to be can choose to deliver in the water. In addition, education for this new chapter of your life is included, as well as lactation services in your postpartum care for six weeks in total. If you are also in need of labs, those can be done in the office too for your convenience!

Lactation Consultations

As you begin this new chapter of your life, things can get super hectic. Sometimes, you just need a little assistance along the way! That’s why the staff at Celebrate Birth are here to support you on your breastfeeding journey. From the very first day, the staff will help you detect and fix any new concerns with latching and positioning, sore nipples, and pumping, for example. At this time, you will most likely also be thinking about returning to work within the next few weeks or months. Because of this, the staff will address any concerns you may have with returning to a normal routine. The staff will also take this time to educate you on when to introduce your baby to solids. Since Celebrate Birth works closely with The Nest, any concerns beyond what the staff can address will be referred to a lactation specialist.

Education Opportunities

As mentioned before, Celebrate Birth works very closely with The Nest – a non-profit serving as a resource. The Nest offers a ton of classes for pregnancy preparation and postpartum wellness. Your midwife wants you to feel supported, be confident, and be educated. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your education journey, you’ll be required to go to three specific classes: Prenatal Nutrition, Breastfeeding Basics, and Natural Childbirth. Each of the three classes will allow each family to achieve a safe, natural, and quick delivery.


Celebrate Birth Lakeland Midwifery

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