An FAQ Interview with Childbirth Concierge for Moms-to-be!

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If you are looking for amazing an amazing doula in the Orlando area, keep reading! I had the chance to chat with Kathy Bradley from Childbirth Concierge to find out more about her doula services and what moms-to-be can expect! She took the time to answer many frequently asked questions, so take a peek below.

Interview with Kathy Bradley from Childbirth Concierge

Why did you become a doula?

I became a doula to support and empower women and families to have a positive birth experience!

How long have you been a doula? How many births have you attended? Where do you typically work as a doula?

I have been in the maternal health field for over 29 years. I’ve attended well over 500 births! You stop counting after so many! I will go wherever the mother is delivering. I worked at Winnie Palmer for 14 years in the Maternal Health Department and am the Educational Director for The Birth Place, a local birthing center. Childbirth Concierge also has a partnership with Delaney Park OBGYN.

How would you describe your doula style?

I have been referred to in the Central Florida area as the “Yuppy Doula” for many years! I balance a very natural approach yet respecting the medical side! Majority of the births I attend are in the hospital. I am all about supporting the mom however she needs to birth, whether using an epidural or choosing to labor without one.

How do you support women in labor as a doula?

Support comes in all different forms. I do what ever it takes to help her feel supported, cared for, respected, heard and empowered.

How do you handle clients with similar due dates? What happens if your client goes into labor early?

I learned along time ago that babies arrive when they want and choose who will be there. I personally only take a certain amount of clients per month as I also have a busy Lactation Practice as an IBCLC. IF the client goes into labor early, I am there to support them or call in a back up. Any professional doula should not be in practice unless they have good reliable back up!

Do you meet with your clients before their birth? What is Childbirth Concierge’s process like before the actual birthing process?

Yes, I meet with them beforehand as each client is different. My job is to learn what is important to them, and help them navigate so that they can achieve a great experience, no matter how their baby arrives.

When are you typically on call for a birth? Do you stay for the entire labor and childbirth, or do you have a time limit for long births?

I am on call at 37 weeks gestation. I begin with the client once I join them in active labor and stay for 1-2 hours after baby is born.

Is there anything else you would like potential clients to know about hiring a doula for their birth?

Interview a few doulas. What you are hiring is that doulas years of experience, and their ability to articulate it appropriately with you, and during your birth. Always trust your gut, and you should never feel shamed by your doula for choosing how you want to give birth. 

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Be sure to check out Childbirth Concierge and take the opportunity to chat with Kathy yourself! You can also check out the best birthing centers in the area here and see more amazing Orlando Doulas!

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