Why The Children’s Place Orlando is the Top Shop for Moms!

the children's place orlando

The Children’s Place has multiple locations throughout the Orlando, Florida area. It’s one of the area’s most popular baby stores, and it’s for a good reason. The Children’s Place Orlando is your go-to store for all your baby clothing and accessory needs. They keep your kid fashionable while keeping your pockets full! They have great, affordable options, and they have hundreds of items to choose from. Whether you’re a new parent looking to get some clothes for your baby, or you’re looking to refresh your little one’s summer wardrobe, you have to check out The Children’s Place Orlando! Here’s why…

4 Reasons Why The Children’s Place Orlando is the Top Shop for Moms


When you are looking for baby items, whether it be clothing or accessories, you want a large variety of options. Who likes to go into a store and only have 5-10 options of clothing to choose from? I’ll answer that – no one! By shopping at The Children’s Place Orlando, you have hundreds of options and selections to choose from. Choose from their new and now clothing and accessories, or shop their everyday essentials for kids of all ages. With hundreds of items for ages newborn to adolescents, this store is one of the best when it comes to selection! 

Pricing & Promotions

If their wide variety of selection for your little ones wasn’t enough to convince you to shop here, their pricing and promotions will be! Not only are their prices affordable and reasonable, but they also ALWAYS have some sort of promotion going on – yes, always. Whether it be 60-80% off clearance items or free shipping with no minimum, The Children’s Place Orlando is hard to beat when it comes to pricing and promotions! You will rarely pay full price for items, and you can always snag a good deal, especially if you are part of their reward system! 

Rewards system

The Children’s Place Orlando is known for its affordable pricing and ever-running promotions, but do you know much about its amazing rewards program? They make it easy for you to earn points for every purchase you make. If you sign up for their generic “My Place Rewards” program, you will earn 1 point for every $1 spent, and they always have promotions going on with that too! For example, for the 4th of July weekend, you could earn 2 points for every $1 spent. 

If you sign up for their credit card, you always earn 2 points for every $1 spent, and when they have promotions going for their rewards system, you can earn 3 points for every $1 spent. They have savings on savings on savings! 

Sister brands

If you aren’t aware, The Children’s Place Orlando has a sister brand called Gymboree. This sister brand is more casual, comfy, and everyday clothing whereas The Children’s Place Orlando is more dressy clothing. Sign up for their rewards program and earn points on every purchase you make at either brand. You can get all your clothing items from these two amazing sister brands! 

The Children’s Place Orlando

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