Choosing Outfits for Your Portrait Session

Hey hey everyone! As an Orlando family photographer, the question I get the most before booking is “What should I wear to my session?” I totally get it. Choosing outfits for a portrait session is hard. So today, I’m sharing a little inside peek into one of the Haleigh Nicole family perks: The Session Guide! You are going to be getting an inside peek into how to pick the BEST outfit for your portrait session! HERE. WE. GO.

Choosing Outfits for the Ladies

Alright, ladies. I am starting with you! From my personal experience in front of the camera, I had the HARDEST time picking the most flattering outfit for myself. I have so many insecurities with my body, so I NEEDED to make sure I felt confident. So, where did I go? Straight to my own session guide. Now, I’m not going to give my whole guide away (because you’ll get it when you book your session with your favorite Orlando family photographer!!), but here are 3 quick tips for choosing your best look!

1. Choosing Colors

Choosing solid colors is the key to the perfect outfit. It’s totally okay to have small designs, but avoid large patterns where you can (think stripes, large polka dots, etc). Solid colors will fit in with any background! When it comes to choosing colors, I always want my clients to feel their best. I know that I personally don’t do well in light or bright colors, and tend to stick towards blacks and greys. Lighter or muted colors (such as soft pinks and muted blues) tend to create a more airy feeling while darker colors create a more moody feeling. For my own engagement photos, I had one dark colored dress (a deep purple) and a light colored dress (a soft pink)!

2. Flatter Your Features

This goes a little without saying. ALWAYS flatter your features! For instance, if you don’t love your arms, it’s probably better to not wear a sleeveless dress! You will be thinking about your insecurities the entire session rather than feeling like the gorgeous woman you are. For your arms, three-quarter length sleeves create an awesome slimming effect. When going through your closet (or visiting every store possible like I did), look for an option with a longer length sleeve. You can bring a cute jacket, blazer or cardigan along, too!

Choosing Outfits For Your Portrait Session | Orlando Family Photographer Haleigh Nicole Photography is sharing tips on how to choose the best outfit for your portrait session. Featured here is a couple in shades of navy and white. #orlandofamilyphotographer #familyphotos #portraitsessionoutfits #whattoweartomysession

Now for the biggest debate: Dresses or pants?! I’m personally a pants/rompers person, but I don’t step in front of the camera often. It was important for me to feel like our session was a special occasion, so I went the dress route! Dresses and skirts look stunning because they really flatter every female body, especially on camera. Long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts are the best route because they bring extra movement to the photos. If you’re planning for a family session with smaller children, full length dresses are especially great since I’ll likely have you sitting or crouching to interact up-close with them. As cute a shorter, cocktail dresses are, they are difficult when you have little ones running around! If you go the pants or romper route, that’s totally okay! Just keep in mind that darker colors will always be the most flattering.

3. Skip the Spray Tan

As one of the palest people I know, I understand how nice a spray tan sounds. But trust me when I say that it DOES NOT translate well on camera. Even if you go a few days before and have it done by a professional! It actually tends to photograph more orange, and I don’t want that for you!! Your actual skin tone will photograph the most beautifully and naturally.

Choosing Outfits for the Men

Alright guys, it’s your turn. If you’re anything like Jack, trying to choose an outfit is a STRUGGLE and can give you a lot of anxiety. But, don’t worry. I’m here with a few quick tips for how YOU can pick choose the best outfit for your portrait session with your Orlando family photographer.

1. Get the Best Fit

As much as it hurt Jack to hear this, it’s going to be best to leave your shorts and sandals at home. The key to choosing the best outfit is getting the right fit, and unfortunately, those won’t help. When choosing your outfit, aim for long, fitted dress pants and closed-toed shoes. It’s honestly the most masculine look and draw the attention towards your face. Solid shades of gray or navy are a strong compliment to most outfits. If you’re more of a jeans guys, totally okay. I get it! Just stick to the dark colored denim. So, what else should you avoid besides those shorts? Patterns like pinstripes and plaid are known to be distracting. I also recommend staying away from graphics and logos!

2. Layer it Up!

If you live in Florida (or somewhere else extremely hot), I know what you’re thinking. “LAYERS?!?! IT’S 100000 DEGREES!!!!!”. I know. I get it. But trust me on this one. Layers on men look great on camera, so even when it’s hot outside, it’s worth an hour of discomfort for photos that will last you a lifetime. It adds extra dimension to your photos and takes your style to the next level. Think blazers, vests, or even a v-neck sweater. Get creative with it!

Choosing Outfits For the Kids

Kids are honestly mini adults, so start with the guidance from above! Dresses and skirts will look adorable on the little girls, and you can always add accessories like boots, bows, and sweaters. Boys look so cute with their suspenders and bowties! For families with multiple children, you don’t have to put them all in the same matching outfit. One daughter can wear a dress and flats, while the other wears a skirt and boots. One son can wear a bowtie, while the other one wears suspenders. Give your session some visual interest!

Choosing Outfits For Your Portrait Session | Orlando Family Photographer Haleigh Nicole Photography is sharing tips on how to choose the best outfit for your portrait session. Featured here is a young child in a long teal dress and a flower in her hair. #orlandofamilyphotographer #familyphotos #portraitsessionoutfits #whattoweartomysession

I hope this blog has helped you gain a little insight into choosing your outfits for your portrait session! Don’t forget: all Haleigh Nicole clients receive a Session Guide for their portrait session with even more tips and tricks (like going professional for hair and makeup at these Orlando hair salons)! You can book your portrait session with your favorite Orlando family photographer for 2021 here!

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