Top 3 Clearwater Pediatricians To Help Keep Your Little Ones Healthy

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When it comes to choosing a pediatrician for your child, you may feel confused. How do you know which one will be the right fit for you and your little one? Clearwater Pediatricians come in many different styles and tendencies. Some will be more hands-on, while others might prefer to keep their distance; some will work with a parent or guardian by listening to them and answering questions, while others will be more authoritative.

In the end, you and your pediatrician should have a level of trust, patience, and common goals in order to build a strong relationship that will support your child’s healthy growth. I did some research and put together a list of 3 top pediatricians in Clearwater, Florida who will care for your kids as if they were their own. Take a peek below! 



Greg Savel, M.D.

Greg Savel, M.D. of Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics – Clearwater is one of the top-rated pediatricians in Clearwater, Florida who truly cares about his little patients and does everything for their wellbeing, starting from prenatal care to postnatal care for children of all ages! With Dr. Savel by your side, you can be sure that he’ll be there every step of the way. Dr. Savel is one of the most trusted pediatricians in Clearwater for parents who are looking for expert pediatric medical care.


Raj Pai, M.D.

Raj Pai, M.D. of Clearwater Pediatric Care is a pediatrician who has made his way to the top of Clearwater’s list for best pediatric doctors! From prenatal care to adolescence, he treats every individual patient as if they were one of his own children. This is one attribute that many people find comforting because he provides such great attention and focus on each individual. Dr. Pai focuses on quality care and professionalism at every appointment. It’s clear from his patients’ reviews that he knows how to help anyone who walks into his office with care and concern. If you are looking for the top pediatrics in all of Clearwater, Florida, Dr. Pai could be your finest option, as he’s simply one of the best!


McNeely Kathryn M.D.

McNeely Kathryn M.D. of Pinellas Pediatrics is one of Clearwater’s top-rated pediatricians because she never rushes through an appointment. Instead, Dr. McNeely spends plenty of time with each patient so that they feel like they’re not just another number in line or on the schedule. Dr. McNeely’s patients have praised her for being a caring doctor who takes the time to listen to her patient’s concerns. If you ever find yourself in Clearwater, Florida in need of a top-rated pediatrician, make sure to visit Dr. McNeely’s office.

There you have it – the top Clearwater pediatricians! These medical professionals have all been praised for being the best, the most reliable, and the most professional pediatric doctors in Clearwater, Florida!


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