Unique Downtown Orlando Engagement Session with City Murals

Lake Eola Engagement Session

The wait is over, dear friends! Sabrina and Dan are ENGAGED! After knowing Sabrina for many years and photographing the couple last November, I was so excited to be a part of their Downtown Orlando Engagement Session! We explored their favorite murals in Downtown Orlando and spent sunset at Lake Eola. Sabrina and Dan are such an adventurous couple and we had so much fun reflecting this in their engagement session!

The Relationship

Sabrina and Dan had an instant connection when they met. They ended up on the same kickball team through an adult’s social sports league. Dan helped Sabrina “train” for an upcoming corn hole tournament the first night they met and they an unstoppable winning streak together. After spending several days together, they started dating!

Sabrina and Dan both love to travel. From exploring Cuba, and wine-tasting across Italy, to visiting Sabrina’s home of Arizona to see a real-life cactus, and Dan’s home of upstate New York to see the Niagara Falls, they’ve done it all. They also bonded over their love for corn hole, bar games, and hosting backyard barbecues for their kickball friends. Sabrina converted Dan into a Disney lover by showing him how to Disney as an adult during the annual Food & Wine festival at Epcot! They both truly love spending time together!

From the very beginning, Sabrina knew Dan was different. He was very upfront with how he felt about her. She knew pretty soon after they met that this was going to be a lasting relationship. After 4 months or so, the subject came up about getting engaged, but Sabrina thought that it was way too soon. Dan agreed to wait until she gave him the thumbs up to ask… He decided to make her wait a little after she gave that thumbs up!

The Proposal

The proposal was a complete surprise for Sabrina. They were discussing moving into a house since they have 2 dogs and lived in a condo downtown. After they found the perfect house, they were on a spending freeze during the closing process to make sure nothing would cause a red flag. Sabrina made a joke to Dan that he’d have to wait unless he had some secret cash laying around to buy a ring. Little did she know, he had already made prior arrangements! Dan designed a ring and had it ready to be picked up on the day of their closing! He had even been sending pictures back and forth to her mom to make sure he found the perfect ring.

They finally got the keys and were so excited to head to their new house. Dan told Sabrina he had to go in to “work” to help them solve a problem. Sabrina impatiently waited for him to get back and they finally headed to their house with one of their friends to enjoy their new home. Dan sent Sabrina to grab something from the car, and when she came back in, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful RING POP! Their friend was recording the whole thing and she assumed they were just having a joke since she knew they didn’t have money to be spending due to the new house.

After asking if Dan was serious about 20 times, he called over their dog Tito who had a beautiful diamond engagement ring tied around his neck and it turned out he WAS serious! The band is “woven” to reflect an infinity symbol and has a simple solitary diamond in the center.

Downtown Orlando Engagement Session

Sabrina and Dan love Downtown Orlando. Dan’s never lived anywhere else in Orlando! Sabrina had a hard enough time convincing him to move 1.5 miles south to a new neighborhood. Loving the murals that represent Orlando and our community, it was important to the couple that they were incorporated into their Downtown Orlando Engagement Session.

We started at the Love Mural, adventured to the Butterfly Mural, and drove over to the Orlando Postcard. Then we explored the Alligator Mural, and ended at the Love Orlando Mural. Afterwards, we drove over to Lake Eola to watch the sun set behind the Orlando Skyline! This was the perfect engagement session for an adventurous couple and we loved every second of it. 

Sabrina and Dan, thank you so much for having us for your Downtown Orlando Engagement Session! We can’t wait for your wedding next year!! Take a peek at their session below! 

Sabrina + Dan | Lake Eola + Downtown Orlando Engagement Session

Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session
Downtown Orlando Engagement Session

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