A Peek Into Gable Oaks Ranch Wedding Venue in Plant City

A Peek Into Gable Oaks Ranch Wedding Venue in Plant City

Gable Oaks Ranch

Located in Plant City, Florida, Gable Oaks Ranch is one of the most rustic wedding locations. With two different barn venues on this property, you can have the barn wedding of your dream.

With over 50-acres of ranch land, Gable Oaks Ranch offers two different barns for you to choose from for your wedding day venue.  Filled with hay fields, freshwater lakes, and lots of oak trees, this property is absolutely stunning for your wedding! If you like to describe your style as rustic or country, your search for the perfect wedding venue ends here! Create unforgettable memories at Plant City, Florida with this one-of-a-kind barn wedding venue! 

If you want to learn why Gable Oaks Ranch is so popular, all you have to do is keep reading!


What Makes The Gable Oaks Ranch The Perfect Wedding Venue?

When you are looking through all your different venue options, there are so many things to consider. Sometimes, you can get exactly what you want at a price you are comfortable with. With Gable Oaks Ranch, you can get it all! Here’s why so many people love this venue…

Barn options

This property has two different barns that you can choose between to host your ceremony and reception. The Prairie Barn was hand-built with nothing but reclaimed wood and it’s truly beautiful! You can tell how well-made this barn was, and you can see all the history within the wooden walls. Filled with soft lighting to create a warm and romantic feel, this barn is air-conditioned and heated for whatever season you are in. The Lakesong Barn was named after the birds that sing by the water’s edge. Much more bright and airy than the other barn option, this barn shows off the views around you. Enjoy a private dock and make some amazing memories here! 


The Scenery

No matter what barn you choose, the views and the scenery at Gable Oaks Ranch are sure to blow you and your guest’s minds! With nothing but open land, this property gives you 360-degree views of the beautifully maintained property. Enjoy those blue skies and the outdoors while you marry the love of your life! 


Package Options

The best thing about this property is that you can fully customize what you get for your wedding day. Choose which barn you want, and which amenities and services you want to create your perfect wedding. Each barn has different options, so make sure you talk to a staff member so they can ensure you get everything on your wish list! 


The Staff

If the scenery and the barns didn’t convince you this is the perfect venue for you, Gable Oaks Ranch  friendly and caring staff will! The staff here is truly amazing at making sure you have everything you need. They know how important this day is to you, which is why they will do everything in their power to make sure your day is perfect and stress-free!


Gable Oaks Ranch

Since you are looking at the Gable Oaks Ranch as a possible wedding location, I’d love to chat with you about your wedding photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!

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