The Top 4 Hair Salons In St Augustine, Florida

hair salons in saint augustine

If you are looking to add some TLC to your beautiful hair, I have come up with the top four hair salons in St Augustine, Florida! While this year has been a little bit of a rough start, there is nothing like making yourself look and feel your best in the face of adversity. For some reason, having your dream look can really give you that boost of confidence you need to face your challenges! That’s why I’ve made sure to take extra care in researching St Augustine’s top hair fairy godmothers!


Top 4 Hair Salons In St Augustine

Hotheads Hair Studio

If you are looking for Instagram post-worthy hair, this salon might be the one for you. While this salon does not have a website, they do have a stunning Instagram profile you can check out. Located in the heart of St Augustine, Hotheads Hair Studio is redefining hair. With a dedicated team of experienced and certified professionals, this salon will definitely put you in the right hands. Looking for a new stylist but worried about trying someone new? Not to worry! On the Hotheads Hair Studio Instagram, their social media highlights work done by each stylist as well as introductions and each of their individual certifications. This makes it so much easier to know exactly what you’re getting when booking an appointment!

Philosophie Salon And Beauty Collective

If there is one thing this hair salon takes pride in, it’s entertaining their guests. Not only is Philosophie a wonderful hair salon in St Augustine, but it is also a place where individuals can express their creativity. Via channels of coffee and stimulating conversation, this aesthetically pleasing location is after one thing – to help you, the guest, achieve everything you’d love to be. One thing that really stood out to me about this hair salon is their promise for clean beauty. For those of you who aren’t familiar with “clean beauty”, it is a term coined and referring to the promise of non-animal testing, paraben and sulfate free beauty products. Philosophie also strictly outsources their products from sustainable and ethical small businesses. This way, everyone wins!

JW Salon

If you are looking for a more homey-feeling salon, JW Salon would be a really good choice for you. Specializing in color and corrective color services, this salon is equipped with a team of experienced stylists. These stylists are also up-to-date on all of the current styles and circulating trends. If you are also on the lookout for a stylist who is affordable, this would definitely be the place for you. Without compromising the integrity of their work, each stylist is dedicated to giving you your dream locks while providing you with competitive pricing. This way, you are able to look and feel your best without breaking the bank!


Mimosas Hair Studio

Because who doesn’t love a hair salon named after one of the most popular drinks out there? Mimosas Hair Studio is a modern and creative hair salon which carries with it a team of experienced stylists with a very diverse range of skill sets. When combined, each stylist together is able to achieve pretty much anything with your hair. From coloring to wedding looks, precision haircuts to microblading – there truly isn’t anything this dynamic team can’t do. While you’re in the salon, you will also be receiving a complimentary mimosa to help you relax while your stylist works their magic!

Hair Salons In St Augustine

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