Labor of Love Birth Center: A Holistic Center for Your Birth Journey!

Labor of Love Birth Center

Are you looking for complete holistic care to deliver your baby? If that is the case, then the Labor of Love Birth Center is the absolutely perfect place for a natural birthing experience. The Labor of Love Birth Center has been providing holistic care since 1985 serving families in the Tampa Bay area.

Labor of Love Birth Center

Birthing Suite Options

During your stay at the Labor of Love Birth Center, you have the option of staying in a birthing suite. This is a private room that includes a bedroom, bathroom, shower, kitchenette, and family area. There is even a large size tub that you can have complete access to for a water birth, or just to soak in to relax during labor. In the kitchenette, there is a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, and water cooler so bringing food with you is encouraged!

Don’t worry about packing all the extras, the suite has everything you need including cups, silverware, and tableware. If watching television and movies is your outlet for relaxation, this birth center has you covered! Each suite has a TV with Direct TV and a DVD player with Wi-Fi. While in your suite, you call the shots, and you can be as comfortable as you wish throughout your labor.

Midwives and Doulas

When you chose to deliver at the Labor of Love Birth Center, you will have the option of working with several certified midwives as well as a birth doula to assist you throughout your pregnancy. The midwives and doula can provide support before, during, and after your labor. All the midwives follow the principles of the Midwifery Model of Care and are licensed in the state of Florida. There is a midwife on call 24/7 who will be available to speak with. They will address any serious concerns you may be having outside of your visits or normal office hours. The doula and midwives are dedicated and caring professionals that are wanting to ensure that you have the support and education that you need throughout your pregnancy and during your labor.


At the Labor of Love Birth Center, there are several classes offered to help get ready for labor. There is a required 5-week class for first-time moms that is free of charge. There are several other free classes that I just love that they offer! One is a refresher course for moms who have previously had a natural birth. They also offer a water birth class for anyone interested in the benefits and working of waterbirth! Plus, they have a breastfeeding class that covers breastfeeding from A to Z! For an extra fee, there is a labor and delivery course that is condensed into two days as well as a newborn care class. There is so much education to be offered at this birth center!


Something that is unique about this birth center is that they offer placenta encapsulation, cord keepsakes, placenta smoothies, and placenta prints after you deliver your precious new bundle of joy. You can have your placenta made into a pill form, which you can pick up by your first post-partum apartment. There is a fee for the capsules that costs about $200. If you wanted a placenta smoothie, all you have to do is bring your favorite frozen fruits to the birth center when you come into labor and a specialist will come and prepare your smoothie after labor.

Cost of Labor of Love Birth Center

A large misconception is that natural birthing centers are too expensive, and insurance does not cover the services, but at the Labor of Love Birth Center, that is not the case. The birth center is contracted with most major insurance companies as well as Medicaid, and self-pay plans are also available. At the center, there is an insurance coverage administrator that can assist you with all your financial needs and questions.

Choose Labor of Love Birth Center

With the caring staff, and the flexible options to ensure you have a comfortable and individualized natural childbirth, The Labor of Love Birth Center has everything you need. Check them out right away to start your amazing birthing experience!

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