Crazy Cool Fun Fashion At Little Miss Matched In Disney Springs

Little Miss Matched

Have you ever lost a sock in the laundry and maybe sported a pair of miss-matched wonders for the day? Little Miss Matched, located in the back complex at Disney Springs, is a clothing brand focused on disrupting the marketplace by redefining the pinnacle of underrated clothing items: the sock.

At the end of the day, most of the time people don’t really get to see your socks. So what’s the stigma behind the miss-matched pair? Little Miss Matched aims at selling miss-matched socks as a way for people to celebrate their unique individuality. While their brand has expanded since opening in 2004 from socks to several other categories of clothing and accessories, their mission remains the same!

What You Can Find At Little Miss Matched


The shining star of the Little Miss Matched brand is their socks, of course! This brand mixes and matches tons of different colors and patterns in their socks, as well as offers them in many different styles. Each style is made to suit any need and includes ankle socks, no-shows, knee highs, fuzzy socks, and their new Match’ems socks! The pairs of socks are affordable in price – ranging from $5 to $16 depending on the style. If you’re wanting more than one pair, there is also an option to purchase bundles!

Shorts And Leggings

As part of their brand expansion, Little Miss Matched now includes shorts and leggings in their clothing category. These fun bottoms are sure to make a statement. From camo to cheetah print, and even ombre with smiley faces, each pair of bottoms is made to help each girl who wears them feel empowered. Not only are these statement pieces, but they are also extremely comfortable. If you’re looking for something a little plainer, Little Miss Matched also carries ombré and solid-colored bottoms with hints of Little Miss Matched flare.


Because who doesn’t love a solid graphic T-shirt? One of the things I love about this brand is the graphics on their clothing. Many of the shirts listed on their website or in-store feature a cute graphic of an animal, a fun print, or an inspirational quote or saying. As I said before, the Little Miss Matched brand truly aims to lift up the new generations of children, and what better way for them to be reminded of their power than to print something uplifting or cool on their shirts? Most of the brand’s shirts are listed for somewhere around $20, but you can almost always count on a sale to come up! Either way, the clothing sold at this store is affordable for everyone.


If you’re finding yourself having some trouble finding comfortable athletic clothing for your kids, look no further. In a range of kids sizes, Little Miss Matched has an entire section of clothing dedicated to athletic wear. Available in solid colors and fun patterns, you can elect to purchase single articles of clothing, such as tanks or shorts, or you can purchase sets!


Part of the Little Miss Matched brand promise is to encourage the youth to explore. One way to do that is to purchase your child a Little Miss Matched bike! There are currently four different styles, each one in different heights, so your kiddo can have the bike best fit for them. Soon enough, your child will be riding around in style!

Little Miss Matched

Doesn’t Little Miss Matched sound like such a fun place to shop? Be sure to check it out while you are in Orlando!

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