Luka’s Birthday Cake Smash


This year has been absolutely insane already and I have fallen super behind on blogging all of our sessions! Have no fear though, we are catching up today! We are starting off our session blogs with our birthday cake smash session with sweet Luka!

Finding Luka’s Family

I was scrolling through Facebook (as one does when sitting in the hospital for hours a day) and came across a post in one of the local groups. A woman named Danna was searching for a last minute baker who could help make a dairy-free birthday cake for her son. He was turning one in a few days and was being released from the hospital the day before his birthday. He had been in the hospital for the past month dealing with surgery. Danna wanted to make sure that his birthday was still celebrate with everything going on. She was also searching for a photographer.

I don’t normally respond to these local posts because everyone with a nice camera comments. I want to serve my clients in the best way possible and give them an experience they will never forget. But, seeing this post just broke my heart. Having been in the hospital with my dad for so long, I knew what she was going through and the heaviness the situation brings. My dad’s birthday was also in a few days and I was praying for his release. I knew that I needed to reach out regardless of the result.

Danna and I hit it off immediately and bonded over everything that was going on in our current season of life. We scheduled his cake smash and created a multicolor theme. I knew having fun and remembering happy times was super important for this session!

The Cake Smash

Jack and I arrived at Danna’s house on a Wednesday afternoon, which happened to be Luka’s actual birthday! Let me tell you, this boy was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen. He was so sweet, but shy. Jack and I set up our backdrop and decorated with colorful balloons, streamers, and gift bags. We wanted to keep the theme simple but fun for Luka.

We started our session with a few portraits for Danna. Luka was a crawling machine and loved to play with the balloons! He had a ton of energy for just being released from surgery. It melted my heart to see him recovering and having a good time. We then started the cake smash adventure. Luka crawled right towards the cake, but did NOT enjoy the mess! Like most of our cake smashes, he also hated the sugar, which I am still in shock by! I know I enjoyed it as a kid (and still do!!) but it’s so fascinating to me how these sweet angels react to it now. Danna helped him out a little for the photos, but he was so happy when the smash was over!

Jack and I were so honored to be able to help out this amazing family. We made some new friends along the way and even gained another cake smash client (you’ll see him on the blog soon)! Take a peek into Luka’s birthday cake smash session.

Birthday Cake Smash Session | St. Cloud, FL



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