Jack and I met during my junior year of college back in April of 2015! I was working on a dance show at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center as the master electrician and lighting designer (we are huge theatre nerds and went to school for it). Jack walked in and crowded my space. I was stressed and said some not so nice things to him since I had no idea who he was. He took it and gave it right back to me! I think this is when I knew he was the one. I later found out that he transferred to our school and was the new sound designer. I pestered him for a week or two and even got him to help me move out of my apartment. We finally went on a real date and have been together ever since!

After years of attempting to coordinate two completely opposite schedules and becoming frustrated that we never saw each other, we decided to start contemplating becoming a couple wedding photography team. It was such a hard decision, but we knew this was our next step. Jack joined Haleigh Nicole Photography officially at the beginning of 2018 and we have LOVED this season of life as partners! He is my second photographer on all weddings. 

We Are

haleigh + Jack



Fall Scents

I can't live without them. Our house smells like fall year round. We don't have any seasons besides summer here in Florida, so it brings me back to my home in New Jersey!


Cocker Spaniels to be exact. I have had four in my life, and Jack's first is our dear son, Rocky (pictured here). How can you not love that silly, fluffy face?? 


Parks and Recreation is our FAVORITE show. It is binge-watched in our house every few months. It's just THAT good. Jack is the Andy to my April. Yes, we have matching Mouse Rat shirts. No shame. 

and Recreation

Road Trips

If we could live in a camper and just travel from adventure to adventure, we would in a heartbeat. Road trips make our relationship stronger with all of the time spent together!


We are huge theatre nerds and it's through theatre that we met each other. Our favorite shows include The Prom, Next to Normal, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and In the Heights.


Sports are a huge part of our household and sometimes the cause of tension! Haleigh is a Yankees/Giants fan while Jack is a Red Sox/Patriots fan. We will still love you no matter who your favorite team is!


Many people ask me how I started this business and why. I’ve always had a basic answer: photography is my passion and I love capturing special moments. But let’s be honest. There is always something deeper.

In 2006, I lost my god brother to a car accident. He was 17. He was our next door neighbor in New Jersey as well, so we knew him our whole lives. He even helped bring me home from the hospital. We were all devastated. Over the past 13 years, I have searched and searched for photos of us. I have only ever found 3. My parents never took any at events and holidays because they were focused on enjoying and being in the moment. They didn’t have anyone else to help capture it. All I have are my memories with him. I would love to see him again and see our times together. I knew I wanted to change that for others.

As 2019 has progressed, I have realized even more the importance of my work. My dad was diagnosed with a non-curable cancer on New Year's Eve 2018. We don’t know how long he will last and every memory counts. My work is capturing the memories and love forever. THIS is why Haleigh Nicole Photography exists and why Jack and I are so thankful to do what we do every day.

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