Melondipity: A One Stop Shop For The Cutest Baby Headwear!


Looking for hats and cute headwear for your newborn or baby? Dedicated to providing your little tike with adorable, hand-selected, high-quality products, Melondipity is a shop you won’t want to miss!

What is Melondipity?

Melondipity is a nationally recognized baby hat and headwear brand with customers spanning the entire US and many other countries all over the world! There are so many reasons why this brand is considered one of the very best for your baby. This household brand is truly one to marvel at. From their prices to their designs, and even their brand promise, Melondipity truly aims to please.

Why Should You Shop At Melondipity?

Their Goal

As a new parent, there are plenty of things you have on your plate. Difficult shopping should not be one of those concerns! Melondipity has a goal of not only providing you with one-of-a-kind products but also providing exceptional customer care and a user-friendly website. The team over at Melondipity also aims to create meaningful relationships with their customers. This store welcomes and encourages customer feedback about their site and even their products to make sure they are relevant for you and your little one!

Their Prices

The prices at Melodipity cannot be beaten. With most hats hanging around twenty dollars or so, this brand is keeping things affordable for families! While looking through their site, I have also been able to find a ton of deals – some styles with a cost of ten dollars! These prices are a total steal and a low cost to keep your child looking stylish and feeling comfy without breaking the bank!

Their Styles

Melondipity has a plethora of unique styles of hats which are all categorized for easy searching. From newborns to babies, and even toddlers, there is sure to be something for all little ones. One of my favorite things about this brand is their attention to all of the little details. With carefully paired color palettes to even seasonal hats for the holidays, there is so much to choose from.

Their Personalized Hats

My absolute favorite find on the Melondipity website is their personalized hat option. From bucket hats to baseball caps, birthday hats, and crowns, you are able to choose your style and personalize it to your liking! Upon selecting your favorite hat style, you can pick out the correct size, the color of embroidery thread, a monogram or name choice, the font, and other customizations. With Melondipity, the possibilities are quite endless!


Are you ready to shop at Melondipity? Me too! Be sure to take a look at their website and share your favorite finds with the moms in your circle!

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