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If you are looking for the best midwives in the Orlando area, keep reading! I had the chance to speak with Kaitlin Gauna from Moments Midwifery to find out more about her practice and what moms-to-be can expect! She took the time to answer many frequently asked questions, so take a peek below.

Interview with Kaitlin Gauna from Moments Midwifery

Why did you become a midwife?

My mother gave birth to me at home, and I started attending births of family members at age 10. Through my teens, I developed a passion for birth and found myself naturally becoming a doula for family and friends. I soon felt called to train as a missionary midwife in developing countries, where my passion grew for providing safe, fully informed care.

How long have you been a midwife and where have you practiced? What type of training and certification do you have?

I have been licensed as a midwife for 3 years, but actively participating in the birth field in professional positions for over 10 years. I’ve practiced midwifery in rural clinics and public hospitals of East Africa, public hospitals in India, and provided labor support in many hospitals in Central Florida. I’ve completed a 3-year internship as a student midwife at a busy birth center that also provided home births. I am certified as a Doula, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant. I graduated from Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery in 2018 becoming a a Licensed Midwife in Florida, and a Certified Professional Midwife nationally.

Do you practice as a solo midwife or in a team? How does Moments Midwifery work?

Moments Midwifery is a solo midwife practice, but I am part of a very supportive group of midwives in the community. We train together frequently and practice in a like-minded manner. We also provide backup for each other as needed (which is rare, but provides peace of mind for clients and ourselves). Clients are screened before beginning care to ensure that they are low-risk. Once approved, I provide all of the routine pregnancy care required. Clients are only required to see an OB if any risks arise.

Where are your clients able to give birth?

I primarily care for clients who desire to give birth at home. If a client has a change of heart about proceeding with a home birth, or if situations arise during their care that require a change of plans, I support clients by providing guidance for choosing a hospital. I do my best to work with the hospital/OB to provide a smooth transition of care. If possible, I still join the client in the hospital for moral support as I cannot practice within the hospital. I generally only take on clients planning to deliver within one hour of my own home.

What is your philosophy on doula support during labor?

I am in full support of families having doulas. I feel they are so beneficial that I have partnered with a number of doulas in the community in order to combine their services as part my clients care during labor. There is also a greater diversity of doulas than midwives currently. I feel BIPOC doulas can offer clients a type of representation I simply cannot.

What does prenatal care with a midwife look like?

The schedule of visits is similar to that of an OB. Prenatal visits take place every 4 weeks from the start of pregnancy until 28 weeks. From there, I see clients every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until 42 weeks or delivery. Lab work is done in the Moments Midwifery office at the initial visit, 28 weeks, and 36 weeks. I also work with a sonographer who completes in home ultrasounds for my clients. What is different from an OB? Visits are 30-60 minutes long, approached holistically, family centered, full of education. Clients are encouraged to be active participants in their care. They are not just being told the baby’s position, but understanding why position is important, and what they can do to encourage optimal positions.

What might labor look like for your clients?

Individual labor plans are discussed for each client, and every client is given my personal cell to call as needed. I am on call for my clients from 37 weeks until delivery. During active labor, I stay with the client in their home and provide routine monitoring, advice, and support, as well as management of any complications.

How are Moments Midwifery clients cared for post-partum?

Immediately following the birth, I encourage family bonding, while continuing care for at least 2-4 hours, during which I also cover a variety of procedures (the newborn exam, suturing, etc). I never leave unless both client and baby are stable, and the family is comfortable. I follow up with the client in their home 24-48 hours after delivery. Clients return to my office for follow up visits 2 weeks, and 6 weeks after delivery. Clients continue to have 24/7 access to call me on my cell with any concerns for up to 6 weeks after the delivery.

Is there anything else you would like potential clients to know about hiring a midwife for their birth?

While I hope each of my clients is able to have the home birth of their dreams, it is not my number one goal for them, my goal as a provider is for my clients to feel respected in their care, empowered in their decision making, and safe during their most vulnerable moments.

Be sure to check out Moments Midwifery and take the opportunity to chat with Karina yourself! She is super knowledgable in the field and a great resource. If you want to view more midwives in the area, check out this post!

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