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orlando prenatal massage

Prenatal massages are one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. This type of massage is a form of bodywork that has been proven to improve a mother’s pregnancy and delivery while keeping their baby 100% safe. Prenatal massages improve so many different things when it comes to your body – it increases blood flow, it decreases pain and discomfort, and it helps general body tone. Not only does it help the mother-to-be feel better, but it also can have a very positive effect on their mental health. Take a look at these top Orlando prenatal massage parlors to book your next appointment!

Orlando Prenatal Massage Parlors

Hand & Stone Massage

This salon offers a wide variety of massages including prenatal massages. They focus on the specific needs of mothers-to-be and they focus only on the issues they are dealing with. They know that mother and baby are sharing a body for 9 months, so they make sure both mother and baby are comfortable during their massage. Hand and Stone makes sure both of you are relaxed and feel much better after your session.

Balance Orlando

As one of the top places to get a prenatal massage in Orlando, Balance Orlando helps to educate you on the benefits of prenatal massages. They know that pregnancy is a special time in a women’s life and it can cause a lot of discomfort. That’s why they have a specialized massage for you! They have a team of certified massage therapists that can treat pain, lower your stress, help with morning sickness, and so much more!

The Spa Orlando

If you’re in the Orlando area looking for one of the best prenatal massages, look no further! The Spa Orlando helps mothers-to-be de-stress, loosen their muscles, and improve joint discomfort in a safe and convenient way. Their prenatal massage uses a pregnancy bolster so the mother can lay on their stomach so they are comfortable throughout their massage. This is a great option to decrease pain levels and levels of discomfort during your pregnancy!

Radiant Massage and Skincare

This massage studio offers clients a unique and relaxing experience. They offer a wide variety of massage options, including their famous prenatal massage. This studio has a great team of skilled and Licensed Massage Therapists that’s goal is to make your pregnancy as easy and pain-free as possible. They will ensure you are on your way to a relaxed, healthy, and easy pregnancy.

Orlando Prenatal Massage

Now that you know the top Orlando prenatal massage parlors, get to booking! Prenatal massages have so many health benefits for you and your baby other than it just feeling good. Mothers who regularly got prenatal massages said they noticed a huge difference, and everything was much more comfortable during the process.

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