The Top Bakeries for Gorgeous Orlando Wedding Cakes

The Top Bakeries for Gorgeous Orlando Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cakes aren’t just for eating, they add to the overall vibe and aesthetic of your wedding. You want to make sure your wedding cake shows off your and your partners’ personalities and style, and you obviously want it to taste as amazing as it looks. Finding someone to make the wedding cake of your dreams can be difficult. Lucky for you, I happen to know some of the best bakeries who make gorgeous Orlando wedding cakes!

When it comes to your wedding cake, you probably already have a vision of what you want it to look like, and the bakeries in this blog can make those dreams a reality! If you want a cake that will wow your guests in both taste and look, keep reading!

Top Bakeries for Orlando Wedding Cakes

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Rosehill Cakes

If you want the world’s most stunning cake at your wedding, this is the place to go! I have personally worked with Rosehill Cakes at a few weddings. Anjum can seriously turn your idea for your wedding cake into a reality – no matter how dramatic or simple you want! With so many different options, varieties, designs, and flavors to choose from, you are sure to get your dream wedding cake to make the vibe and aesthetic of your wedding décor! Not only does Anjum make Orlando wedding cakes, but a variety of desserts like parfaits, shortcakes, and more. And the taste… oh my gosh, SO good! 

Sofelle Cake Artistry

Chef Ayerbe has been a Pastry Chef for over 20 years in the Orlando area and she makes STUNNING wedding cakes! Featured on multiple different Food Network challenge shows and winner of Couple’s Choice Award for 7 years in a row, her cakes are nothing but extraordinary! If you have a vision for your wedding cake, no matter how wild or crazy, Chef Ayerbe can make it happen! You and your guest’s jaws are sure to drop when you see her wedding cake showcased on your special day! 

It’s Tasty Too!

When looking for a wedding cake for your special day, It’s Tasty Too! is definitely one of the best in Orlando! The staff here are experts at making your wedding cake vision come to life, and creating unique and delicious sugar art! You and your guests are sure to never forget their beautiful creations for your wedding day. With over 30 years of experience in specialty cakes, they not only bake cakes that look amazing, but they also taste AMAZING! Whether you want a wild, exotic cake, or the simplistic wedding cakes of your dreams, this bakery can make it happen! 

Orlando, FL Wedding Cakes

If you’re looking for a wedding cake that will wow your guests (and you of course). Most couples have a vision of what they want their wedding cake to look like, and these 3 bakeries can make those visions into a reality for you! They are the best of the best for creating Orlando wedding cakes for your special day. What are you waiting for?! Get to calling them!

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