Friends, on this special senior session, we explored Dickson Azalea Park in the heart of Downtown Orlando. I had no idea that this hidden gem existed! We climbed down a winding staircase into a lush green garden. Bright purple flowers were in full bloom. Through a white tunnel under a bridge, we found an area with small waterfalls and ponds. On the opposite side, we discovered a stone stage, perfect for confetti. We had so much fun on our expedition! From climbing trees and running from bees, to blowing bubbles and confetti cannons, the laughter never ended.

Georgia is currently a senior at the Osceola County School for the Arts and is majoring in creative writing. She is actively involved with her newspaper at the school. She also loves traveling! I’ve been stalking her Instagram since her mom contacted me about senior photos, and man am I jealous! United Kingdom, France, and Italy, all before graduating high school? How cool!!

Georgia is also a gym and workout junkie, which I adore! She informed me that she was working hard to lose weight before the session, and she looked absolutely stunning. At the end of our session together, she also expressed to me that she had never felt confident after taking photos, and she was feeling really great! Her hard work had really paid off and the giant smile on her face showed how amazing she truly felt.

Georgia holds a dear place in my heart, as I have known her since she was an infant! I was best friends with her sister Sarah when I was in kindergarten (holy throw back!!). Georgia was born not too long before I started school in Florida and met the family. Georgia has grown up to be a beautiful young woman and I’m so glad that I was able to get to know her on this session! She is headed to Florida State University to study Anthropology! I’m so excited to see where her life goes. Congratulations, Georgia!!

Georgia’s Senior Session | Dickson Azalea Park | Orlando, FL

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