Palascak Family

Oh, friends, I am so excited to share this Chisholm Park family session with you today! These portraits are so special to me and to this family. The Palascak family is so near and dear to my heart, as they have been a part of my life for a decade. A DECADE??? Man, do I feel old! Though many years have passed, the connection we had was still strong during this session and I was so excited to see how their family has grown!

I first met Karine back in 2005 while she was in Oliver with my brother at Osceola Arts, but we never really connected until 2008. We performed in The Music Man together and became instant best friends. For the next few years as we finished school, we would spend almost every weekend together and spent almost every day during summers together. We had so many adventures together, from scavenger hunts in the mall and camping trips, to hot air balloon rides! We also had normal days, such as binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians in bed (no shame). The years leading up to leaving for college were some of the best with her. When we left for college, we lead our separate lives, but still kept in contact and were there for each other through the hardest times.

Karine moved to Seattle this past summer and her brother was living in California. Karine sent me a message saying that EVERYONE would be in Florida for one week and they wanted to do a surprise family session for their mom. I was ecstatic and jumped at the opportunity. My favorite family and photography?? YES PLEASE. The family had grown as her sisters Alexis and Sarai both gave birth to boys in the past few years. Alexis had Mason in April of 2014 and Sarai had Valor in March of 2017. It was so exciting to be able to update their portraits to include the two newest lights in their life! Holding off on social media and sharing it to the world was the BIGGEST struggle. I didn’t know what to do!!
We made secret plans to meet out at Chisholm Park in St. Cloud on the first day in February. It was the most perfect day and the weather was amazing. They were blessed with a beautiful sunset on the lake and warm sunshine throughout their entire session. The Palascak Family and their extensions were so much fun. They played together, laughed together, and even did yoga together! There was never a dull moment during their family session. The closeness of this family that I have always known really showed while we were at the park and it was an absolute honor to capture them.
The final gallery was delivered to their mom, Pat, on Monday morning. She had no idea it was coming! She emailed me that she had a feeling they were making “a lame effort to take pictures” during the time they were there, but had no idea that she would be getting this wonderful surprise. I absolutely loved that and was so excited that we pulled it off. I could probably write a book about how great the Palascak family is and our history, but I won’t bore you today! Take a look at this amazing family session and share the love with them!

Palascak, Sweeney, and Bruner Family Session | Chisholm Park | St. Cloud, Florida

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