A Peek Into The Pelican Cove Wedding Venue in Islamorada, Florida

A Peek Into The Pelican Cove Wedding Venue in Islamorada, Florida

Pelican Cove Wedding

Pelican Cove Resort and Marina is located right in the heart of the Florida Keys. There are so many different venues to choose from in Islamorada and it can be hard to choose only one. Islamorada is known for its beautiful beaches, waterfront views, and lush palm trees. If this sounds like paradise to you, the Pelican Cove wedding venue is a must-see!

The best part about wedding planning is looking at different venues. After all, when you’re looking at venues, you’ll want to make sure it feels like the perfect fit for you and your partner, and sometimes that isn’t easy. In addition, you’ll want specific things for your wedding, but you’ll also need to be mindful of your budget. If you want a wedding venue in Islamorada that hits all your wants and needs, Pelican Cove is the way to go! Here’s why you should choose the Pelican Cove Resort and Marina as your wedding venue…


4 Reasons You Should Get Married At Pelican Cove Resort & Marina:

Different locations on the property

With beach wedding venues, only one location on the property is typically available. This means it can be hard to book a date at the spot of your dreams. Luckily with a Pelican Cove wedding, there are 3 different locations on property where you can have your wedding ceremony and reception. You should never have to settle on a location for your wedding, and with Pelican Cove, you don’t have to!


Beachfront Views

As stated earlier, this venue has 3 different locations on their property. In addition, with all 3 locations having beautiful beachfront views, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise no matter where you are! Enjoy the 360-degree views of Islamorada’s beautiful beaches while being surrounded by those you love most. Any of these Pelican Cove wedding locations will make for the most perfect beach wedding backdrop! 


Flexible Packages

When it comes to choosing your perfect wedding venue, you’ll want to select a venue that can offer you a customized package to fit your specific needs. At Pelican Cove, there are flexible package options so you’ll never have to pay for things you don’t need. With pricing ranging from as low as $3,500 to $7,000+, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams for a price point that can’t be beaten! To see a full list and more information on the resort’s pricing, click here


Guest Rooms

Depending on where your guests are coming from in the world, they may need a place to stay for this Pelican Cove wedding. If the venue couldn’t get any better, there are on-property guest’s rooms where your guests can stay for the weekend. Imagine, beautifully furnished and climate-controlled rooms where your guests will be comfortable and cozy the entire trip. With different room options to choose from, your guests will be delighted with their stay at the Pelican Cove Resort and Marina!


Your Pelican Cove Wedding

Since you are looking at Pelican Cove wedding venue as an option for your special day, I’d love to chat with you about your wedding day photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!


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