A Peek into the Rockledge Gardens Wedding Venue

A Peek into the Rockledge Gardens Wedding Venue

Rockledge Gardens Wedding

Has it always been a dream of yours to get married outside, the sun warming your skin as it starts to set? If your answer was ‘hell yes!’ then I have the perfect wedding venue for you! Rockledge Gardens wedding venue is one of the most popular outdoor wedding venues in Florida! The thing that makes this outdoor wedding venue unique is that it’s filled with tropical décor, it’s magical and colorful, and it’s filled with Florida’s favorite wildflowers and greenery! This isn’t your typical outdoor wedding venue.


Why Choose A Rockledge Gardens Wedding?

The History of the Rockledge Gardens Wedding Venue

Back in 1960. Rockledge Gardens started as exactly that, a nursery and garden. Harry and Mary Witte started their nursery with their 6 children who all helped to maintain the gardens. Filled with four acres of beautifully kept gardens, this is such a special outdoor wedding venue!  

The Vibe

I think the thing people love most about the wedding venue is the overall feel and vibe. It’s filled with so much plant life that is native to Florida, and there are acres upon acres to explore. Whenever I look at pictures of this venue, there’s a feeling of unique and edgy vibes. Filled with greenery, bamboo, tropical trees, and flowers, this place is stunning and feels like you’re in a fairytale forest! 


The Size Accommodations

Another reason why people love this venue is the size. With a reception area of 2000 square feet under a pavilion, this venue allows you to have plenty of guests. Whether you have large families, or you want everyone you love to be at your wedding, this venue can hold up to 120 guests, giving you enough space for eating, drinking, and dancing! 

For The Brides

This one is for the ladies out there, but they just recently added on a wedding suite where you and your girls can spend the morning getting ready! The space is so peaceful and private, and the aesthetic of the room is to die for! With lots of space to get glammed up for your special day, this makes the day of your wedding that much easier – you no longer have to worry about being at your venue on time – you’re already there! 


The Package Options

Last but certainly not least, Rockledge Gardens offers a variety of different package options for you and your partner to choose from. No matter what you need on your wedding day, Rockledge Gardens offers it! They give you the freedom to choose the things you need, and not have to pay for the things you don’t need. To see the full list of packages, click here


Rockledge Gardens Wedding

In my humble opinion, Rockledge Gardens is such a beautiful and unique place to get married. Being an outdoor venue with tropical trees and flowers, this venue is perfect if you aren’t looking for your typical rustic-inspired wedding. Filled with bright greens and colors of all kinds, this outdoor venue is perfect if you’re looking for something extraordinary! 

Since you are looking at Rockledge Gardens wedding venue as a possible wedding location, I’d love to chat with you about your wedding photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!

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