Adventurous Phillipe Park and Sand Key Beach Engagement Session

It was a bright, sunny day in January when Chelsi and Aaron visited Phillipe Park in Clearwater for their engagement session. When they ventured over the causeway for the second half of their Sand Key Beach engagement session, a sudden mist overcame the town. Even with the change in scenery and the unusual temperature drop, the only thing the could focus on was the true love they carried with each other.

Our Story

I first met Aaron at his sister’s wedding in May of 2016. He was a groomsmen in her wedding and helped make all of Natalie’s wedding dreams come true. When Chelsi, Aaron’s fiancé, reached out to me and told me she was joining the family, I just had to say yes! Aaron and Chelsi love the beach, so we decided to head over to Clearwater in January to celebrate their engagement. Winter Storm Grayson came through the week we were going to have their session and brought severe cold to Florida. Our blood was not ready for that kind of weather. We hit a bump in the road, but powered through to the next week where the weather was warmer.

Clearwater Engagement Session at Sand Key Beach

We started their session at Phillipe Park, in the Safety Harbor area of Clearwater. The park was full of canopy trees, creating a beautiful archway over the roads. Around every turn, there was a new place to explore! We chose to spend our time at the Tocobaga Temple Mound, which is a National Historic Landmark. The winding staircase throughout the mound was a gorgeous backdrop, and quite a hike too!  It was at Phillipe Park that I learned some amazing facts about Aaron and Chelsi. He is a master at the dip and they both have been perfecting the Dirty Dancing lift. Aaron and Chelsi’s love made this venue come to life.

We then moved to beachside, where we noticed that a strange mist was taking over Clearwater! The mist turned out to be a cold-front from Winter Storm Grayson, but at the time, we were all confused! The temperature had dropped about 5-10 degrees and it simply wasn’t acceptable! Aaron and Chelsi had a blast at their Sand Key Beach engagement session. They played tag, climbed on the lifeguard stand, danced, and loved each other unconditionally. They truly showed themselves during our session and I was so happy to be a part of their experience.

Chelsi and Aaron are eloping in Hawaii this June. I am super jealous! Hawaii is stunning and they are going to have the perfect celebration of their love. Maybe I’ll become a stowaway in their luggage…

Congratulations, friends! I am so happy for you both.

(Chelsi and Aaron have been accepted into Big Love Small Weddings and The Perfect Wedding Guide, so be on the lookout for their posts!)

Sand Key Beach Engagement Session 

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