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Sarasota Engagement Session | Olivia + Cameron



As a theatre wife-to-be, I often struggle with Jack being away for weeks at a time while he’s designing a show. Unfortunately, it means that he can’t always come to our engagement sessions with our amazing couples! This was the case this month when we were set to drive to Sarasota for Olivia and Cameron’s engagement session. But the sweetest moment happened instead…

The day before I was set to drive 2 hours to our engagement session, my dad stopped me in the living room. He said he didn’t want me to have to drive alone and asked if he could come. He wanted to get some fresh air and get out of the house for a while. How could I deny someone who has been battling end-stage cancer for the past year that opportunity? I said, “Of course!” and he packed his bag for his first grand adventure in a year. The joy that this little adventure brought him was so heartwarming. We drove together to Sarasota to meet up with my amazing couple while discussing my own wedding plans and catching up on life. I am so thankful to these two for another wonderful opportunity with my dad! Now, let’s meet this mystery couple…

Meet Olivia and Cameron

Cameron and Olivia met through the online dating app, Bumble. Olivia moved to the Sarasota area from Tallahassee when she graduated graduate school and found work with the Sarasota Orchestra. When Olivia set up an account on Bumble, she was really just looking to get out, meet new people, and find a few good bars and restaurants in the area. She met Cameron on the app just a few weeks into joining. He was Olivia’s first date after moving to town. Neither of them were very optimistic about the date because they were both tempted to cancel!

Luckily, Olivia and Cameron both showed up to the date and they have continued to show up for one another ever since. On their first date, the couple met for drinks at one of Cameron’s favorite bars. After just a few sips, Cameron asked her if she’d go to dinner with him. Olivia had already eaten, but she did not want the date to end. They walked to a nearby restaurant and shared pizza and drinks. Before they knew it, the restaurant was closing and they had to leave. The couple had so much to talk and laugh about.

Cameron walked Olivia to her car and asked to see her again. Of course she agreed! The couple shared their first kiss that night, and Olivia will never let him live it down. He was so nervous that he fell off of the curb as he leaned in to her! On her way home, Olivia called her mom and told her that she didn’t want to jinx it, but she thought she found the guy. 

The Special Parts of Their Relationship

Cameron and Olivia have excellent communication. No subject is off limits, even from the beginning. Olivia has never been able to be so open and vulnerable before. They also love goofing around (as you’ll see in their session!!). They are another case of opposites attract as Cameron is a bit of a goofball and super funny, while Olivia can be more reserved and serious. Family and faith are the center pieces of their relationship and they have learned so much from joining their families and developing their faith together.

Olivia and Cameron both are incredibly ambitious in their careers. Cameron works in health care in a family business and Olivia works for the Sarasota Orchestra. From the beginning, they have supported one another and often bounce ideas off of one another. For fun, they love being outside, taking walks, and going to the beach. They also enjoy attending arts and culture events!

Leading Up to The Proposal

Cameron proposed on December 27, 2019 in Oswego, Illinois with the beautiful Fox River in the background. Cameron and Olivia had been talking about marriage for some time and looked at rings just before Thanksgiving. They generally can’t keep secrets from one another, especially if it’s something they’re excited about. About two weeks after looking at rings, Cameron admitted that he bought the ring and it was hiding at his house. Olivia could hardly contain myself and begged to see it. Cameron would always respond “In due time” to which she always said, “The time is due!”.

Sarasota Engagement Session Man holds woman on back as she gives him a kiss

Over the next few weeks, Cameron couldn’t help but give Olivia more details. He kept trying to throw her off the trail, saying “We aren’t going to be engaged this year”. He was actually pretty convincing, but because they were traveling over the holiday, Olivia was able to put some things together. She knew Cameron wouldn’t propose without asking her parents’ blessing, so she figured he’d ask when they visited for Christmas. He also asked to go for a walk on the morning of December 27. This was super suspicious because Cameron doesn’t suggest morning activities and generally has to be convinced to go on walks! Knowing Cameron, Olivia figured once he had her parents’ blessing, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself and would have to ask soon.

The Proposal

The couple landed in Chicago on December 26 at 4:00. He spoke to her parents while she wrapped Christmas gifts that evening, and they were engaged by 9:30 the next morning! They went for a walk in a park overlooking the river and found a spot on a bench to sit. Cameron gave her a small wrapped package that was a book of the two of them. Olivia made a book for Cameron when she said “I love you” the first time that detailed all of their dates and the way she felt. Cameron’s book picked up where Olivia’s left off, and ended with the proposal page. After Olivia made it through the book, he slid off the bench onto one knee and proposed. They were both in tears and so happy. Olivia said that she would never forget his words to her, “from our first kiss to my last…” Um. How freaking adorable?!?

Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman kiss

Olivia really appreciated Cameron’s thoughtfulness to ask her while they were in a place that allowed her family to be part of the celebration. She has been away from her family for almost 10 years – they are so close, but they miss out on things because they are far away. To be able to share their joy with them during this time was so special to Olivia.

The Sarasota Engagement Session

After setting my dad off on his grand adventure by a lake in Oscar Scherer Park in Sarasota, I met Olivia and Cameron for their engagement session. Olivia and Cameron chose Oscar Scherer State Park for their session as it was the place they decided to take the next step in their relationship: marriage. This park is full of history and truly conserves natural Florida, which is unfortunately rare these days.

These two came dressed to the nines and were ready to adventure on the Legacy Trail at the State Park. I don’t think I have ever bonded so instantly with a couple. It truly felt like we had been friends forever and there were no awkward silent moments. Olivia and Cameron led me through gorgeous golden fields to a secluded area with beautiful trees and Spanish Moss. As Olivia isn’t from Florida originally, it was super important to her to incorporate that Florida feel! Together, the couple cracked so many jokes, popped a bottle of champagne, and truly displayed their love for each other. Olivia also told Cameron that he reached his monthly quota on kisses, but it was super adorable.

Cameron and Olivia danced their way through the tall golden grass on our way back and shared intimate moments together. When we reached our starting location, the couple climbed on to a historic landmark in the park to show their adventurous side (while I stayed on solid ground). This railroad trestle was built in 1911 as part of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad going from Richomd, Virginia to Florida (where Cameron went to school and I lived for a few months!).

Oscar Scherer State Park Engagement Session | Cameron + Olivia

Cameron and Olivia were truly up for anything thrown their way and were so much fun to work with. We can’t wait for their wedding in January back in Sarasota!!

Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman walking in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in woods with closeup of ring
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman opening champagne in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in woods
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in tall golden grass
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman walking through tall grass
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman embracing in tall golden grass
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman holding each other at sunset
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman walking on historic railroad
Sarasota Engagement Session Man and Woman kissing on bench
Sarasota Engagement Session Man holding woman on back

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