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When you’re planning out your labor and delivery, you want to deliver your little miracle in a place that you feel safe and comfortable in – such as Serendipity Birthing! More mothers are moving to giving birth in birthing centers than that hospitals, and it’s for good reason! After all, being pregnant is such a magical and special time in your life. You are growing a tiny human inside your belly, and you are creating a bond that can never be replaced. 

If you’re not familiar with birthing centers, they’re medical suites you can utilize when it’s time to bring a new life into the world. The rooms within birthing centers replicate bedrooms that you’d see in your own home. They are comfortable, cozy, and give you the safe and comfortable feeling of being in your own home!

When it comes to choosing a birthing center, you’ll want to take your time finding the right one for you and your family. If you’re looking for the best birthing center in Orlando, Florida, I always recommend Serendipity Birthing! Here’s why…


4 Reasons You Should Choose Serendipity Birthing in Orlando, FL:

Service Options

One of the reasons I love Serendipity Birthing so much is because of all of the different services they offer. Whether you’re looking for prenatal care and education or postpartum support, this place does it all! They can pair you up with doula care, midwives, and more. This birthing center wants to make your birthing experience as enjoyable and magical as possible, and the different services they offer make that possible! 


Pregnancy Extras

When it comes to choosing a birthing center, you’ll want to consider the ‘extras’ they offer. We aren’t just talking about products to sell you, we are talking about additional services you can use to ease your labor and delivery even more. The thing I love the most about Serendipity Birthing is that they offer pregnancy extras like yoga and massages. Prenatal yoga is a great way to prepare your body for birth and stay in shape throughout your pregnancy. I also favor prenatal massages because they also prepare your body for labor and delivery. These two additional services will just enhance your birthing experience and make the journey even more special! 


Serendipity Birthing provides each client with a wide variety of educational resources to help mothers and their families. They want you to be an expert when it comes to caring for your child, and they give you all the necessary information, tools, and resources you’ll need. 



This birthing center is a life-style focused birthing center for all things birthing. They want to make sure your treatment plan fits with your lifestyle and ethics, and they can make every dream of yours come true. Whether you want to go the natural route or you don’t have a preference, they will abide by your wishes and give you the best birthing experience possible. They know how important your ethics are and that’s why they prioritize them too! 


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