Shop Spunky Stork to Get Organic Clothing for Your Kids!

Spunky Stork

The Spunky Stork is an absolutely amazing company! With a great story and concepts for clothing never seen before, there really isn’t anything like this cool company.

Aliya and Uzzi are the dynamic duo behind the Spunky Stork, which has been featured on the Today Show, Food Network, and Parents Magazine. If you happen to be looking for unique items for a great price, you’ve found the place! However, you’ll be even happier when you hear about what’s inside!


Why You Should Shop The Spunky Stork

The Material

As a parent, you will probably want your little ones to both look and feel their very best. But have you ever thought about what is used to make their clothing? Aliya and Uzzi sure have! This dynamic duo, from the very beginning, have chosen to source only 100% certified organic cotton. Aliya and Uzzi believe that commerce can be sustainable for the future. They also really care about their customers and who is actually wearing their clothing: young children and babies alike. If there is any question about the Spunky Stork research, it’s in the pudding. Your young ones’ undeveloped immune systems will benefit from the lack of toxins in their clothing. That’s why these clothing items do not contain any toxic dyes or chemical colorants.

Fun Clothing Options

The Spunky Stork definitely does not lack in style! From t-shirts to onesies, there is so much to choose from. The stores’ website makes it extremely easy to sift through tons of clothing options and see just what you’re looking for. You can choose to shop through all of the clothing or, in contrast, you can shop by personality. When selecting the “shop by personality” option, you’ll be surprised to see just how many categories there are to choose from. From Boys Will Be Boys to Girl Next Door, and Travel Bug to Animal Lover, you really won’t be left disappointed. In addition, moms and dads can join in on the fun! If you look through the website, there are some options that offer a matching adult t-shirt. If you’ve ever wanted to match your child for the day, now you can!

Pricing And Accessibility

Have you ever passed on purchasing an item because of its price? I’m sure we all have at least once! Aliya and Uzzi have made it really easy to make purchases with the Spunky Stork. For their certified organic cotton onesies, you can purchase one for around twenty dollars. The average t-shirt is around seventeen dollars. Depending on which design you choose, the prices will change slightly. However, the store team have rid their business of the one thing everyone dreads: paying for shipping. If you are buying from within the U.S., you can purchase your hand-printed items with free shipping and a Glee Guarantee!


The Spunky Stork

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