The 3 Most Reliable St. Augustine Doulas for Your Maternity Journey!

St. Augustine doulas

These St. Augustine doulas will send you someone who is certified in all things pregnancy and birthing. Your doula will also be there to provide you and your family with support throughout your journey. Whether it be through education, labor and delivery services, or postpartum care, a doula will be by your side the entire way. If you’ve heard of doulas and what they provide to you during pregnancy, and you’re looking for the best doula services in St. Augustine, Florida, you are right where you need to be! 

Like most things with pregnancy, finding the right doula for you and your family isn’t always easy. You’ll want your birthing experience to be magical, easy, and memorable. Your doula plays a huge role in your labor and delivery, and they play an even bigger role in your postpartum care, so you’ll want to make sure you take your time choosing the right one. Lucky for you, I already did some searching and found the best St. Augustine doulas. 

My Top 3 St. Augustine Doulas:

Bare Necessities Doula Care

If you’re looking for a full-service doula in St. Augustine, this is it! Owned by Nicole Stewart, this doula is known for focusing on gentle, calm, and peaceful births. She is one of the best in the area when it comes to labor and delivery, and postpartum care. She truly cares about you, your family, and your little miracle that is soon to arrive, and she wants to make your birthing experience as calm and special as possible. Whether you want to have a hospital birth or home birth, Nicole does it all! 


Doula Vonda Birth Services

When it comes to finding a doula to support you through your pregnancy, you’ll want someone who will provide you with educational support as well as emotional support. Vonda does exactly that! This doula wants to help empower you throughout your entire pregnancy. She knows how special this time in your life is, and she wants to make it as magical as she can. Vonda truly cares about you and your baby’s health, and she provides each client with nothing but the best care. She is extremely kind, caring, and she is super gentle which is why so many people love and choose her as their birth doula! 


Growing Families Midwifery Service

This St. Augustine doula service offers you the same care and quality that you’d get with an OBGYN. They provide you with education, resources, and tools that will help make your pregnancy easier than you imagined. When you work with Misti (owner of GFMS), she wants you to have the full choice of how your pregnancy goes. Whether you want to have a home birth, a water birth, or hospital birth, she gives your full range to choose where you feel most comfortable. Not only does this doula service provide birthing services, but they also offer childbirth education classes as well as prenatal massages – they are an all-in-one doula service! 


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