Support Small Businesses in 3 Easy Ways This Holiday Season

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My favorite time of year is here: the Christmas holidays!!! I am a huge gift giver (sometimes to a fault). This year, more than ever, small businesses are hurting. Today, I’m sharing 3 easy ways that you can support a small local business this holiday season. Plus, you can get some amazing gifts for your friends and family in the process!

1. Shop Small

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Okay, this one is pretty obvious. Shop small! Before purchasing a gift from big retailers like Amazon, see if a local shop or online shop (think Etsy) carries or makes it first! You will be directly helping a creator or community member rather than billionaires. Small businesses often give back to the community and shopping small can create more local jobs in the future. As a small business owner, I know I can also provide much better customer service to my clients and you will always be working with a real person rather than a bot. Shop small to help your community members succeed!

2. Social Media

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If you don’t have the means to buy a ton of gifts this year, but still want to support your local small businesses, social media is your best FREE friend! You would be surprised by just how much social media impacts a small business. When you follow a small business on Instagram or like their page on Facebook, the algorithms start showing their page to people who have similar interests to you. Liking and commenting on a post from a small business will show their post and products on more people’s feeds.

Sharing a post to your stories or page helps small businesses reach more amazing people like you (all of your friends, family members, and followers!!). Finally, that little bookmark you’ve been seeing on Instagram? Clicking that save button shows Instagram that you are interested in the small business’s work or products, leading them to show more people what the small business is all about!

3. Word of Mouth Referrals

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Last but not least, another FREE way to support your local small business! REFERRALS!!! Guys, I don’t know if you understand just how much referrals mean to a small business. Honestly, most of my clients are referrals from other amazing clients, and I couldn’t be more thankful. By telling someone how much you loved working with a small business, you are sending that business more potential customers. It is free advertising for the business, but from a place of love, which is so much more meaningful to others. So, the next time you buy from an awesome place or work with a great local business, tell the world (or your social media)! Leaving a review for them on Google and Facebook will also change the game for the small local business as people love to know your experience.

Support Small Businesses

I LOVE referring small businesses to my friends, family, and followers. SO, today I’m sharing with you some amazing small businesses I love supporting with the tips I mentioned above. Happy shopping and supporting!!

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