Choose Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife for Your Maternity Journey!

Sweet Child O' Mine Midwife

Hey there soon to be moms! First of all, Congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you and your baby. I am sure you simply want the best for you and your growing family. If a natural and holistic approach under the guidance of a midwife is what you are looking for, then read on to learn more about Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife in Brandon, Florida!

Choose Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife!


At Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife, serving the Tampa Bay area, there are so many services available for you and your baby. This facility offers maternity care that is sensitive, caring, and holistic. Some of the services available include prenatal visits, labs and ultrasound, childbirth classes, vitamins and supplements, postpartum care, Doula services, and breastfeeding support. Throughout your pregnancy, you will be able to attend regular prenatal appointments in which you will work with the Midwives. The Midwives will help ensure that you and your baby will stay healthy. When choosing Sweet Child O’ Mine as your birthing center, there are required classes for childbirth that help prepare you for the birth of your sweet new bundle of joy. During your pregnancy, a Midwife will be available to you by phone at any time if you have any concerns. A Midwife can even come to your home if needed!

Birth Process

When giving birth at Sweet Child O’ Mine, you can expect things to go how YOU want them to be. You will be in a private suite with a mini kitchen and birthing tub. This experience is as special as you and your new baby, so each step of the way is customizable to your preference. During labor you can “birth your way” in which you have the complete freedom to move around, eat and drink, pick where and how you want to deliver, You will also have uninterrupted bonding time with your baby. One type of birthing style that is available is giving birth in a water tub, which helps with relaxation, eases the discomfort of labor, and aids with the progression of labor.

Sweet Child O’Mine does not use pharmaceutical pain relief. However, they do offer Nitrous Oxide, which is known as “laughing gas” during your labor to help assist with the pain and help you feel more relaxed during your delivery. Your Midwife will be there to give you support, make suggestions, and monitor you and your baby closely throughout your natural labor. The goal is to make you and your family completely comfortable during your stay at Sweet Child O’ Mine.


Choosing a Midwife can offer significant savings as the cost is less than half the cost of having a hospital birth. This center is also covered by most in-network insurances and private insurances. If you do not have insurance, the center will work with you on a payment plan if needed. Services included at Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife include all prenatal exams, childbirth classes, labor and delivery, complete newborn exam, and follow-up post-partum care.

Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife

If you are looking for an all-inclusive natural birthing center complete with individualized care, sensitive and knowledgeable Midwives, and a holistic approach to childbirth, then Sweet Child O’ Mine Midwife is the place for you.

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