Why The Nest in Lakeland is an Amazing Resource for Moms!

The Nest Lakeland

Are you interested in gaining more knowledge and support throughout your pregnancy? The Nest has everything covered to answer all your questions and concerns about the wonderful, yet somewhat unpredictable journey of becoming a parent. The Nest in Lakeland is a nonprofit organization that services the community. Whether you need expertise during your pregnancy, the birthing process, or for your post-partum journey, The Nest offers so many different services for you and your family.

Education at The Nest in Lakeland

Lactation Support

At The Nest in Lakeland, the goal is to empower mothers, strengthen families, and build a community. One of the services offered at the Nest is lactation support. There are private or group classes and consultations available that is led by Certified Breastfeeding Lactation Consultants. The Breastfeeding Basics Class is a 90-minute class that offers education about the health benefits of breastfeeding, breastmilk production, latching techniques, and maintaining supplies. The class also teaches you how to learn your babies’ cues and how you can identify if your baby is feeding enough, which is a big concern for many new moms.


The Get Pumped Class focuses on everything you need to know about the confusing yet wonderful pumping device. By the end of the class, you will know all the hacks and be a breast pump expert. If you are needing a more individualized plan, there is a prenatal assessment package! This includes not only the Breastfeeding Basic Class, but also a private consultation to discuss breastfeeding goals and address potential problems. They will also review your medical history that can help you identify your lactation needs and a plan.

After you take the initial classes, there are follow-up private consultations available in which you will receive a breast assessment, newborn exam, and a latch evaluation that will assist in creating a plan for you and your baby. These consultations aren’t just for right after you have your baby. As you and your baby change and grow, these consultation sessions are available to address your needs during your breastfeeding journey.

Childbirth Preparation and After the Baby is Born

There is also a childbirth preparation class where you will create a plan for your birth. The best part is that your birth partner can also attend so that you can learn together how to prepare for the big day! There is a fee for the pregnant mother, but the partner is free. Speaking of your birth partner, there is a class specifically for them where they can learn how to support you during your labor with a massage!

We have all heard of the first, second, and third trimester, but what about the fourth? The Fourth Trimester class is a 4-hour class that focuses on how to care for your baby after they arrive. Safety is the priority, so The Nest in Lakeland offers a class specializing in Pediatric Safety and CPR. You can rest easy knowing that you will be prepared.

How to Sign Up for Classes at The Nest in Lakeland

The Nest in Lakeland prides itself on providing a top-notch education. Whether it be for pregnancy, birth, baby care, safety, parenting, family planning, or health and wellness, they have it all. The process to sign up for a class could not be easier! All you have to do is go to their website and see what classes are being offered. If there is a time that works for you, just click to sign up! Upon signing up for a class, payment is required. This is also where you can reserve private classes! There are several classes offered to assist during your pregnancy including a FREE monthly prenatal nutrition class where you will learn all about how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

The Nest in Lakeland has it all when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and post-partum education. They are always adding new classes, so be sure to always check in to see what is new and exciting!

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