3 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to Your Engagement Session!

3 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to Your Engagement Session!

Engagement Session- Phillipe Park

An engagement session may seem like a waste of time. You may feel like you don’t need even more photos of you and your fiancé. You are paying a ton of money for the wedding photography, and don’t want to drop more for a one-hour engagement session. There is so much to do before your wedding that you can’t even fathom taking out time for something like another portrait session. However, the engagement session is a huge part of your wedding day! Here are 3 reasons why you should say YES to your engagement session!

Michael + Nicole: Jefferson Monument in Washington DC

Trial Run for Your Wedding Day

Being in front of the camera can be nerve-racking! There’s a reason I’m always behind it! Photography is vital for your wedding day, but if you have any fears of being in front of the camera, your engagement session is an amazing trial run. You will find out what poses work best for your body and what makes you feel amazing. For Haleigh Nicole Brides and Grooms, you’ll learn base poses during your session that will be used on your wedding day. You’ll gain confidence rocking your poses and be a pro on your day! 

It also takes up to 20 minutes for a couple to get warmed up to being in front of the camera. On the wedding day, there is no time to spare! By having your complimentary engagement session and learning ahead of time, you will be ready to move at your wedding… And you will be killing it! 

Engagement Session- Washington Oaks State Park
Donnie + Danielle: Washington Oaks State Park in St. Augustine

Bonus Decor for You

Need some reception decoration? How about for your home? Want to spruce up your social media game? An engagement session is a bonus for all of those aspects! Share your love at your reception with a few prints as table decor. You can also frame one of your photos or create a guest book for guests to sign at your reception. Jack and I have a wall of prints from all of our sessions together. It gives an extra bit of love in our home! We also use all of our photos on social media. Selfies are fun, but we love to share our professional photos and show our confidence! We love seeing our clients doing so too!

Engagement Session- Lake Runnymede
Nick + Aly: Lake Runnymede Conservation Area in St. Cloud

Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer During Your Engagement Session

An engagement session is the BEST way to truly get to know your wedding photographer! I am friends with so many of my brides and grooms after their wedding because we really clicked! Many of these relationships started at the engagement session. In our hour together, you’ll get to know Jack and I both personally and professionally! You will be able to see how we work, and learn about our personalities in the process. We will learn what makes you laugh, what you love, and how you and your fiancé interact. If for some reason you don’t click with your photographer and the style isn’t what you were hoping for, this is also the perfect time. You can’t part ways during your wedding! This is a rare scenario, but it’s great to know.

Engagement Session- Disney's Boardwalk Resort
Evan + Angelica: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort in Orlando

Engagement Session… Yes or No?

If you are on the fence about an engagement session and don’t think it’s necessary, I’m here to tell you that it is! Photographers really want to get to know their clients before the biggest day of their lives. They want to make sure you are confident and prepared to the best that you can be. They also want you to have those bonus photos to cherish forever! Haleigh Nicole Photography weddings include a COMPLIMENTARY engagement session, so what do you have to lose?? 

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