The Top 5 Daytona Beach Wedding Planners to Hire for Your Wedding

The Top 5 Daytona Beach Wedding Planners to Hire for Your Wedding

Daytona Beach Wedding Planners

Choosing the right wedding planner for you and your fiancé can be the most stressful part of planning your wedding. You want someone who is going to work well with both your personalities and who listens to what you both want. If you’re getting married in the Daytona Beach, Florida area, there are many award-winning Daytona Beach wedding planners to hire for your wedding day!

Here are the top 5 best Daytona Beach Wedding Planners:

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Eventfully Yours

Eventfully Yours is one of the best Daytona Beach wedding planners you can use for your wedding day. Their team of wedding planners are very professional, have great organization skills, and amazing attention to all the same details that go into your wedding. They are all great at finding a way to make you and your fiancé’s personalities meet in one style you’ll both love. 

Runway Events

From place settings to floral arrangements and archways, Runway Events does it all! They offer full-service wedding planning services. They also plan for all other kinds of wedding-related events such as engagement parties. Runway Events can help you with your wedding budget decorating your venue, and helping you pick the perfect menu. They are a great team of wedding planning professionals, and if you have a chance to meet with them, do it!

The Soiree Co.

This wedding planning company is another award-winning, full-service planning company located in the Daytona area in Florida. The Soiree Co.’s main priorities are making sure your wedding day is exactly how you always dreamed it would be. They can make any wedding perfect, and it’s their mission to make every client they work with feel like the most special couple in the world. They take the stress out of wedding planning!

Pavone Events

This wedding planning company takes a much different philosophy than most planning companies: Pavone Events is there to help you plan as much or as little as you wish. If you want them to plan every little detail, they will. If you want them to only help with the menu and flowers, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Your wish is their command!

Blue Ribbon Weddings

Blue Ribbon Weddings great choice for a high-end wedding planner in the Daytona Beach area. They offer a boutique full-service approach to wedding planning. Unlike other wedding planning companies, they don’t take on as many clients. Blue Ribbon Weddings keeps their client list small at all times so they can truly focus on a couple of weddings to make sure each one is perfect. They offer you guidance, development, and manage your entire wedding day from design to budget.

Daytona Beach Wedding Planners

Choosing a Daytona Beach wedding planner that fits both you and your partner’s style and personalities can be tough and stressful. That’s why I’m here! Each of the wedding planning companies listed above have teams that can tackle any type of wedding or couple. They’ve seen it all, so they can turn your dreams and wishes into reality. If you’d like to see some more wedding advice, head over to the weddings section of the blog!


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