Top Photo Locations on Campus From Your UCF Graduation Photographer

ucf graduation photographer

If you are about to graduate from the University of Central Florida, congratulations! As a fellow UCF Alumnus, I know it’s no secret that the University of Central Florida is a one-of-a-kind institution. With friendly staff, the highest amounts of school spirit, the nation’s leading collegiate football team, and, of course, the most beautiful campus, graduating from UCF is an honor in and of itself. Before you completely close this chapter, I’m sure you’re wanting to capture your last few moments on campus. That’s why as your UCF Graduation Photographer, I’ve gathered the most beautiful, memorable, and photogenic spots for your shoot. I want you to look back at your college days and remember the things that were important to you. 


Your UCF Graduation Photographer’s Top Locations For Graduation Photos 

Milican Hall

milican hall

Infamously named after Charles Milican, founding president of UCF, Milican Hall stands tall at the true heart of the campus grounds. This administrative building is where you will notice the University of Central Florida’s seal – the pegasus – which spans all time in our history from past to present and even into the future. At this location, I enjoy capturing some classic photos in front of the school emblem. 


Reflection Pond And The Library

UCF graduation photographer

ucf graduation

This area of campus is one of my very favorite places to photograph graduates and where we get to have the most fun during our UCF grad photoshoots! In this stunning pond, right in the heart of campus, I like to have my graduates unwind and dive into a good time – quite literally. This photo location is the perfect opportunity to jump into the water, throw some biodegradable confetti (because keeping our environment clean is important), float away in a donut pool float, and maybe pop open a bottle of champagne. With the beautiful John C. Hitt Library in the background, this location can also double as a perfect place for some classic midday photos! In the UCF reflection pond and library location, the possibilities are truly endless!


UCF Boardwalks 

ucf graduation photographer


The UCF boardwalks are a really underrated photography spot. As you’re walking through campus, you’re sure to have walked across at least one of them and not really paid much mind to it. However, the boardwalks are actually the best place on campus to capture graduation photos such as portraits and family/group photos. This is also a wonderful location to show off your cords and other honors if applicable!


Charging Knight Statue 

ucf grad

This UCF graduation photographer knows that there’s no school spirit like the spirit we have at UCF! From your very first time on campus, it’s hard to ignore the ever-so-beautiful Charging Knight Statue. This stunning bronze symbol is an amazing place for photos at sunset, and maybe even a few more champagne photos! When the light hits the statue in the evenings, though, it truly creates photographic magic. While the statue represents UCF’s push toward national prominence, my clients and I typically can’t help but to shout “Go nights! Charge on!” a time or two as we celebrate your personal accomplishments!


Pegasus Murals 

pegasus murals photography

While a UCF grad may bleed black and gold, I understand you may want something new thrown into the mix! The Pegasus Murals located next to the entrance of the Student Union building are a perfect way for you to introduce a splash of color into your grad photos. These painted walls are located outdoors and look wonderful during the day. They are also a great way to have some photos that are different from the classics!


Your College’s Building 

college building

Some of my favorite photos to take as a UCF graduation photographer are the ones located by your college’s building. At the end of the day, your major, and therefore your college building, is the reason why you went to UCF and became a UCF graduate. The beginning of your career started here and I think it’s important to include that in your memories forever. 


UCF Graduation Photographer

Since you’re looking at the University of Central Florida as a location for your graduation photos, I’d love to chat with you about your graduation photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!

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