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I’m back at my Alma Mater this week, and BOY is it a hot one! I’m pretty sure it’s 150000 degrees out. Okay, maybe 97 degrees, but still. My session this week took place at the University of Central Florida and my graduate was such a trooper! Having to reschedule your session for bad Florida storms to a bright and scorching Saturday morning can put a damper on things, but we hopped in the fountain first thing to cool off. Brielle was a rockstar and I can’t wait to share her session!

Brielle is finishing her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. She will begin her career in an elementary school after graduation. Brielle is involved with Kappa Delta Pi, the Honor Society for Education. When she’s not studying away, she loves to garden, paint, exercise, read, and be outdoors! She also loves spending time with her boyfriend and her gorgeous pup, Casey! Kenny and Brielle brought Casey home as Brielle was starting UCF, so it was only fitting to have him featured in her session!


For our session together, we visited a few of the iconic UCF locations, as well as Brielle’s college, the College of Education and Human Performance. Our first stop was the Reflecting Pond, which was the best place to cool off on a hot June morning! The Student Government Association handed out biodegradable confetti to the students to keep the fountain in top shape, while also saving our environment. Such a great idea!

We then headed towards the Student Union, where they have boardwalks cutting through the trees. When I had my graduation portraits done a few years back, this was one of my favorite locations. Hidden from the rest of the school, it is a great escape if only for a minute!  After the boardwalks, Brielle changed into her second outfit (we cooled off inside the Union), and we made our way to the Education building. This is where all of Brielle’s classes took place and where she spent most of her time.

**Side note: Since many degree programs at UCF have all of their classes in one building, it is not often that you get to leave! Fittingly, they placed an Einstein’s Bagel shop inside the building to help with this dilemma. Yum! **

Brielle will be graduating at the beginning of August and I am so happy for her! I cannot wait to see where she goes next. Enjoy a peek into her session!

Brielle | University of Central Florida | Graduation


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