Why USF Midwives Are an Amazing Resource for Your Birth!

USF Midwives

If you are living in the Tampa Bay area, you’ll notice that there are a TON of resources available to you for your birth journey. One amazing resource that you may not hear much about though are the USF Midwives. They are a collaborative team of midwives, OBGYNs, and maternal-fetal specialists that help make your birthing process a breeze. Let’s dive in and learn more about what they offer!

USF Midwives

USF Health provides so many services, but one that is not talked about often is their certified nurse-midwife team. They are commonly known as the USF Midwives. This team plays a critical role in providing complete and individual care for all moms. The USF Midwives are trained to help mothers manage their pregnancies. They are also there to assist in the delivery of the baby. Each midwife is certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board and receives specialized training in women’s health care. One of the most important aspects of the USF Health midwifery program is that it is part of the region’s only academic health center connected to multiple specialties. This means that, unlike most midwives, the USF midwives work in coordinated care across multiple specialties, such as Obstetrician-Gynecologists.

Where They Deliver

If you chose the USF Midwives for your birth, you will be able to have your delivery at Tampa General Hospital, which simply offers the best of everything. The doctors and midwives at USF Health work with these programs regularly, so there is a relationship that supports any medical needs during pregnancy.

VBAC and Labor Needs

Trying to find a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean) can be challenging and almost impossible. But, the USF Midwives have the skills and knowledge to assist with this specific birthing need! The team specializes in providing care with the lowest intervention for pregnancy management and delivery that tailors to the mother’s needs. The USF Health midwife service does not offer water births. Several of the birthing suites do however include private jacuzzi tubs that can be used during the laboring process.

Use the USF Midwives as Your Birthing Resource!

There are several services that are provided by the USF Midwives. The midwives provide services before the baby arrives with pre-natal care, preconception care, and family planning. During your labor, the midwives will provide support and expert knowledge to ensure you have a healthy delivery of your sweet new baby. After the baby arrives, the midwives will support you with postpartum care including breastfeeding support. They also provide care and support for gynecology needs before or after your pregnancy and delivery. If a midwife is something that you are searching for, you can make an appointment here with the USF Midwives!

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