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Why Photography Should Be Your Wedding Day Priority

As all of you now know, Jack and I got engaged on Christmas Day. With my dad’s declining health, having him at my wedding was the most important thing for me. So, we had to start planning fairly quickly for our July wedding. As we talked about our budget and where we wanted everything to go, we were both in instant agreement about one thing. Photography should be our top wedding day priority.

What We’ve Learned

After photographing weddings over the years, something became very apparent to us. Weddings are absolutely gorgeous with all of the details and planning that go into it. But at the end of your wedding day, what do you have left? The music ends, the food has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, your makeup is wiped away and your hair is let down, your dress is put in a box or donated… all that’s left are your memories. High quality photographs are the only way to truly capture the memories that you will ACTUALLY look back through. 

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Now, we are not stressing this because we are wedding photographers. While we would LOVE to shoot your wedding, this post isn’t about that. We sat down and thought about each part of the wedding: venue, attire, florals, hair and makeup, reception, and so on. The only thing we truly cared about was remembering the day. Remembering the special times with my dad before we don’t have him anymore. Remembering the love between Jack and I. None of those would come from a fancy venue or catered food. Our memories would be in our photographs. 

Our Wedding Day Priority

Jack and I chose to forgo all of the elaborate parts of a wedding day to have our dream photographer. We decided to have an intimate wedding with our closest family members in the middle of the mountains. A quiet day just remembering the love for one another and those around us. We chose a photography team who would give us an amazing experience throughout the entire planning process and through the final gallery of the wedding day. People who truly care about their clients and capturing the day in a way that would make them want to show their future generations. For the past 4 years, I have been learning how to give an amazing experience like this to our couples, and we couldn’t ask for a better team to capture our day than the ones we leaned from: Katelyn James Photography.

Jack and I put at least 80% of our budget into our photographer and didn’t bat an eye doing so. As we speak to more couples, we are finding that they feel photography is their wedding day priority and it truly brings joy to our hearts to hear that. We encourage you to think about your wedding photography as more than just an Instagram post here and there, but as a way to remember this day forever.

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