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Do you deliver every image from our Wedding?

The only photos we remove from your final gallery are ones with closed eyes, absolutely goofy faces, and any test shots we take. The rest are yours!

I know you travel, but where is your home base?

We are based in Orlando, Florida. Home of alligators, extreme heat, and the Mouse.

Do you photograph Anything besides weddings?

We do photograph special occasions (maternity, newborn, families, etc), but we only take 2 sessions a month. We want to focus on what we love the most, which is telling our client's love stories. We are in the season of life where love is what is most important for us. We do vow to always photograph our bride and groom's continuing journey through life, though, no matter what is happening or where they are in the world! 

We want you to travel with us, but let's be realistic. Isn't The cost is going to be crazy?

Not necessarily. For travel within the United States, most of the travel is already covered in our package. But, if you're going somewhere on our bucket list or where we travel frequently, we can always work something out with you. Just ask!

how many hours should we set aside for wedding photos?

As much time as you'll give me to make the most magic possible?!?! But in all seriousness, formal photos (portraits, family, and wedding party) take roughly 2 hours, so you'll want to set aside at least that! 

Do you recommend a "first look" on the wedding day?

YES. Even with the Mini Adventures! You will get so many more of the gorgeous portraits you see on this website, you'll be more relaxed, and you get to have more private time with your future spouse. Take advantage of it!

how long will it take to get our photos delivered?

All of our galleries are back to you within 4 weeks. We hate waiting, so why would we make you? That's not cool. 

how far in advance do i need to book you for my wedding?

We plan our calendar at least a year out, so 12-18 months is a good range. 

Frequently Asked Questions