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Hey there! I’m Haleigh, the owner & principal photographer of Haleigh Nicole Photography. I'm a twenty-something, small town girl from Northern New Jersey, now residing in Orlando, Florida. Most days you can find me listening to a variety of podcasts, playing with my sweet cocker spaniel, or planning my next grand adventure. I'm slightly sarcastic and overly passionate about my work. I work side-by-side with my wonderful fiancé, Jack, and couldn't be more grateful. 

Jack and I met during my junior year of college back in April of 2015! I was working on a dance show at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center as the master electrician and lighting designer (we are huge theatre nerds and went to school for it). Jack walked in and crowded my space. I was stressed and said some not so nice things to him since I had no idea who he was. He took it and gave it right back to me! I think this is when I knew he was the one. I later found out that he transferred to our school and was the new sound designer. I pestered him for a week or two and even got him to help me move out of my apartment. We finally went on a real date and have been together ever since!

Jack joined Haleigh Nicole Photography officially at the beginning of 2018 and we have LOVED this season of life as partners! He is my second photographer on all weddings (except for when the occasional sound design pulls him away. But, that always brings us on a new adventure!).

Jack proposed on Christmas Day 2019 and we are now planning alongside of you for our own dream wedding day! 

Orlando Wedding Photography for madly in love couples


Hey! I'm

My dad changed weddings for us...

My dad was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure on December 31, 2018 and end-stage incurable cancer on January 8, 2019. That’s when everything changed for me from a wedding standpoint. The week we found out about the cancer, I laid in bed and just started crying. Jack asked what I was thinking about. I told him that I was so afraid that my dad wouldn’t be at my wedding day. All I could think about was the typical wedding day, having him walk me down the aisle, and our dance together. I imagined what it would be like not having him there for that and it terrified me.

At the next four weddings we had that spring, 3 our brides or grooms didn’t have their parents. Every father-daughter or mother-son dance had me crying behind the camera. But our brides and grooms were so strong and pushed through because they had their other family and closest friends by their sides. These experiences made me love my couples even more and showed me what truly mattered on a wedding day. 

As wedding photographers, we focus on capturing the intimacy, joy, and true love story of a wedding day. We want you to remember every part of your day in the most genuine way possible. This is why we have specialized in weddings and continue to make our clients' love stories the top priority. 

I'm obsessed with Fall scents and amazing smelling items. Our house always has a candle or wax melt going and it almost always is a fall scent because it reminds me of home!


I love puppies. Cocker Spaniels are my soul mates. I grew up with 3 and we have a sweet fluff of our own, Rocky. They are just so fun!


If I could drive around in an RV exploring the world, I would. Roadtrips are my jam and I take as many as I can each year. 


I LOVE Parks and Recreation. We both do. We have matching Mouse Rat shirts and re-watch the series multiple times a year. Jack is the Andy to my April.


Podcasts are my favorite form of entertainment. When we are out exploring, we love listening to Armchair Expert, My Favorite Murder, and The Bellas Podcast.


Speaking of The Bellas, I am a HUGE WWE fan! During my college years, I was able to shadow the lighting director of WWE and fell in love. I later worked for Nikki Bella on a project as a graphic designer!


I am obsessed with notebooks. I love all the fun designs and just writing down everything! I am very detail oriented and the notebooks keep me in check. 


We are obsessed with a good pun and corny dad jokes. It's really important to us to keep each other laughing and what better way to do so than jokes??


We are big sports fans and have a terrible rivalry in our home. I am a Yankees/Giants fan and Jack is a Red Sox/Patriots fan. This marriage is going to last, right??


We love to explore new places together (and I love making Jack take pictures in the new places). We are planning a destination wedding to start our new life together in an adventurous way!


all the fun random stuff about me


Word on the street



"Haleigh has such a passion for her work and it shows in every way! Haleigh took the time to get to know myself and my now husband to understand our style and learn about us as a couple. I felt like we had been friends for years! Haleigh goes above and beyond photography to take care of her clients and help them enjoy the wedding planning process instead of stressing. I have cried so many happy tears gushing over how beautifully Haleigh and Jack captured our day!"
— Sarah Jo + Matthew

"You don’t need to look any further, these are the greatest photographers you could ever wish to have for your wedding day!"

"Haleigh and Jack are so wonderful to work with. I received so many compliments on not only our photos, but from other vendors letting me know how great Haleigh was to work with on our wedding day. Haleigh and Jack were so organized and made sure to keep everyone on schedule, even wrangling our large families. They seamlessly filtered through our event getting a lot of great candids and capturing all the major highlights. "
—  Sabrina + Dan

"our wedding photos really went so far above and beyond what we could have hoped!"

"We had previously experienced Haleigh's work at my brother's wedding and we knew we had to have her for our wedding as well! Haleigh is an exceptionally gifted photographer and as we viewed the wedding album we got more and more excited about each wonderful moment that was perfectly captured. We loved how easy it was to work with Haleigh and all of the fun and creative ideas that she had to create some truly special pictures. Haleigh actually came up to the DC area for us - not once, but twice (engagement and wedding pics)! And yet despite the distance, it was really and truly easy to work with her."
—  Nicole + Michael

"Haleigh actually came up to the DC area for us - not once, but twice!"

"Could not have had a better experience with Haleigh and Jack. We spent weeks in cahoots planning a surprise proposal for my girlfriend. They were so accommodating to any and all requests I had and even went above and beyond the call of duty suggesting things I hadn't thought of. Very professional, kind, and personable. And most importantly, the quality of their work is impeccable. Everyone who has seen the candid shots of the proposal, and our 30-minute session immediately following our big moment, has been blown away. Thanks to Haleigh Nicole Photography, we have captured a moment that we'll cherish for a lifetime--and I managed to make two new friends in the process! All the praise to these two and their kind spirits and quality work."
—  Alex + Colleen

"we have captured a moment that we'll cherish for a lifetime, and managed to make two new friends in the process!"

"Haleigh and Jack have been amazing throughout the whole process. When we first met them, we felt like we knew them for years because they are so personable and welcoming. They go the extra mile to get to know their clients and exceed our expectations (we're photographers too so that's huge!) We recommend Haleigh for anyone needing a photographer for engagements and weddings!"
—  Melissa + Barrett

"They go the extra mile to get to know their clients and exceed our expectations"

"Haleigh and Jack are two of the most amazing, sincerest individuals that I have ever worked with! We adore them so much and they made my fiancé and I feel like pros while taking pictures. We had initially had our engagement pictures taken by someone else and they were really disappointing, so we turned to Haleigh and Jack and they made us feel so comfortable, had a BLAST (who knew taking pictures in the Florida heat could be fun?!), and our photos turned out so much more than amazing. We have found our forever photographer and we are so grateful to have had the experience to work with Haleigh and Jack (and of course Rocky, too!)"
—  Alyson + Nick

"We adore them so much and they made my fiancé and I feel like pros while taking pictures."

"Haleigh and Jack are amazing! They had our wedding date available only three months out and their prices are ridiculously reasonable. They both take such amazing photos and Haleigh goes out of her way to make you feel special and pamper you a little bit. She even has an exclusive FB page for her brides where we all share tips and ask questions.  Their photos are incredible and their post processing really gave us the feeling we were looking for in our photos. Plus, we got our photos back in less than two weeks! Lastly, my new husband isn’t the most social in the world and was nervous about having someone in his ready room but Jack made him totally comfortable and they got along great."
—  Sarah + Kristopher

"They both take such amazing photos and Haleigh goes out of her way to make you feel special and pamper you a little bit."

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