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If you’re anything like Jack and I, big weddings can seem overwhelming. Having to figure out a guest list that won’t disappoint anyone but not inviting everyone we ever met, making sure all the decor is perfect, feeding 100s of people, making sure you don’t look like a fool while dancing! For the stress-free goofballs like us, it was too much. 

We realized at the start of our wedding planning that the most important part of the wedding was to celebrate our love with our family and capturing the moment. We only wanted people there that had a strong relationship with us as a couple. This is when we decided that an intimate wedding was the way for us to go. We took our wedding budget and spent it on what we truly cared about. An amazing destination and the photographers to capture those precious moments of love and adventure for us. 

After 6 years of photographing weddings and then having our own, we knew what we wanted to do next with our business. While we love photographing weddings of all sizes, we are so connected with weddings that are intimate in nature. It reminds us of us, and we really connect with those couples. Fewer people also means more time for the epic and gorgeous photographs for you to decorate your home with. 

get ready for your next big adventure because

you're engaged!!!

"Haleigh has such a passion for her work and it shows in every way! Haleigh took the time to get to know myself and my now husband to understand our style and learn about us as a couple. I felt like we had been friends for years! Haleigh goes above and beyond photography to take care of her clients and help them enjoy the wedding planning process instead of stressing. I have cried so many happy tears gushing over how beautifully Haleigh and Jack captured our day!"

- Sarah Jo + Matthew

that's me!

If you are looking for a photographer who understands the importance of perfectly documenting the intimate, fun, and totally-in-love moments throughout the day, you've come to the right place. 

I have created a fun and stress-free intimate wedding experience (full of cheesy jokes, bad puns, and Parks and Recreation references) to help couples like you bring the excitement and love back to your wedding day. Check it out below!

The Wedding Experience



The Haleigh Nicole intimate Wedding Experience includes:

Intimate wedding day Options

...so your most important and intimate moments from your day are captured without the extra fluff!
(Full weddings also available)



...so we can be in two places at once!!


2 photographers

...so you get the most out of your photography experience and investment!


Custom timeline planning

...because I want you to feel pampered!


Surprise gifts throughout your wedding process

...so you can be excited about what’s to come!!


Sneak peek of your wedding within 24 hours

...so you can share 45-75 images of your day with your friends and family right away!


blog post the tuesday after your wedding!

...because I hate waiting just like you!!!!


Your entire gallery back within 4 weeks!

frequently asked questions

Q. Can my dog be a part of our wedding photos?

Q. Can my dog be a part of our wedding photos?

UM, YEAH. I LOVE pups!!! I just require that you have an additional person with you to hold on to them when they are not in photos. Don't forget leashes and coordinating bandanas/bowties! They want to look good too.

Q. Why do you only have sunrise and sunset times available for engagement sessions?

Q. Why do you only have sunrise and sunset times available for engagement sessions?

I want you to have the most gorgeous lighting possible for your session, and that is during golden hour! This occurs at sunrise and starting 2 hours before sunset.

Q. What is your shooting style when it comes to posing?

Q. What is your shooting style when it comes to posing?

While my photos mostly look natural & unposed, they really aren’t! I pose & guide you in almost all of the portraits. Sometimes what I ask you to do will feel ridiculous. I will tell you where to put your hands & where to look sometimes, but in the end it will look & feel natural. I feel like most people need some coaching to not look or feel awkward while they are being photographed!

Q. What is required to book your services?

Q. What is required to book your services?

I require a 30% non-refundable retainer and a contract for our weddings to secure your date. I turn everyone else away for your date, so I like to make sure both parties are protected!

Q. Do You Deliver every photo from our wedding?

Q. Do You Deliver every photo from our wedding?

The only photos I remove from your final gallery are ones with closed eyes, absolutely goofy faces, and any test shots I take. The rest are yours!

Q. How Long will it take to receive our photos?

Q. How Long will it take to receive our photos?

All of my galleries are back to you within 4 weeks. I hate waiting, so why would I make you? That's not cool.

Q. How Far in advance do we need to book you?

Q. How Far in advance do we need to book you?

I typically book up to 18 months out for weddings, but have fit people in 3 months before! Just contact me as soon as you can to secure a date. Don't wait until the last minute (unless, you know, COVID messes things up and you have to)

Trust me when I say that I know planning a wedding can feel overwhelming and scary.

My husband, Jack, and I got married during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. I feel you 1000%. This is why I strive to make myself available to all of my couples as much as possible. Whether it’s vendor recommendations, confirmation that your outfit looks AMAZING on you, engagement session advice, or a shoulder to cry on when things get rough, I’m just an email or text away. 

You are not alone in this process.

If you want a photographer who is way too organized, full of sarcasm, always prepared with an emergency kit and theatre skills (sewing, carpentry, lighting, sound, you name it), and will constantly crack bad dad jokes for a laugh, I’m your girl. I can’t wait to chat with you!


The average Haleigh Nicole Couple invests $2200 on their intimate wedding day photography.

"We had previously experienced Haleigh's work at my brother's wedding and we knew we had to have her for our wedding as well! Haleigh is an exceptionally gifted photographer and as we viewed the wedding album we got more and more excited about each wonderful moment that was perfectly captured. We loved how easy it was to work with Haleigh and all of the fun and creative ideas that she had to create some truly special pictures. Haleigh actually came up to the DC area for us - not once, but twice (engagement and wedding pics)! And yet despite the distance, it was really and truly easy to work with her."

- Nicole and Michael

"Haleigh and Jack are two of the most amazing, sincerest individuals that I have ever worked with! We adore them so much and they made my fiancé and I feel like pros while taking pictures. We had initially had our engagement pictures taken by someone else and they were really disappointing, so we turned to Haleigh and Jack and they made us feel so comfortable, had a BLAST (who knew taking pictures in the Florida heat could be fun?!), and our photos turned out so much more than amazing. We have found our forever photographer and we are so grateful to have had the experience to work with Haleigh and Jack (and of course Rocky, too!)"

- Alyson + Nick

""Haleigh and Jack are amazing! They had our wedding date available only three months out and their prices are ridiculously reasonable. They both take such amazing photos and Haleigh goes out of her way to make you feel special and pamper you a little bit. She even has an exclusive FB page for her brides where we all share tips and ask questions. Their photos are incredible and their post processing really gave us the feeling we were looking for in our photos. Plus, we got our photos back in less than two weeks! Lastly, my new husband isn’t the most social in the world and was nervous about having someone in his ready room but Jack made him totally comfortable and they got along great.""

- Sarah + Kristopher