Wizard of Oz First Birthday in New Jersey

A hot and sunny day turned to sudden dark skies during a one year cake smash session in New Jersey, but the model was a bundle of joy! She had an adorable Wizard of Oz First Birthday theme. Set in her basket with pink balloons, sweet Ella was ready for anything heading her way.

Meeting Ella

Meeting Ella and celebrating her first birthday had been a long time coming! It all went back to when I was a baby. Ella’s grandmother, Nancy, and my mom worked in the church office together when we lived in New Jersey. My mom had me in the office with her all the time and Nancy grew very fond of me. Nancy had three children of her own, Lisa (Ella’s mom), Jeanette (our former babysitter), and Stephen. After five years of my life, we moved down to Florida, but still stayed as close as ever with their family! My mother and I went back to New Jersey to celebrate Lisa’s marriage to Jimmy back in 2011. Ella was born in May of 2017. Lisa and Nancy have been a part of my life for almost 23 years! I was so excited to meet the newest addition to the family!

Lisa warned me before arriving at their house that Ella normally took a while to warm up to strangers. Her exact quote was “She’s a tough nut to crack!” Ella must have been super excited for her future cake because she was nothing but a doll! She was so cheerful and playful with me. She loved silly faces and was laughing up a storm! Ella even started her own game of peek-a-boo during our session.

Wizard of Oz First Birthday

Ella’s session had a gold, pink, and white theme. She wore an adorable baby pink dress with a gold sequence bow in her hair. Ella had an adorable whale spout hairdo, which happened to be my go to look from ages 2-10! She had a “one” onesie from Etsy with gold lettering for her cake smash with a pink tutu and sequence gold flats. Her outfits were definitely on point!

Ella’s father, Jimmy, worked extremely hard on her Wizard of Oz style basket. Lisa blew up a ton of balloons and Jimmy attached them to the basket at the four corners to create the classic hot air balloon look. He tied the basket and balloons to the small tree in the yard to make sure Ella wouldn’t fly away! Ella’s props were complete with letters spelling out the word ONE. Lisa made a cake special for Ella’s session. It was so gorgeous that I thought it was store bought! She did a wonderful job on it and Ella sure enjoyed it! She continued eating it even after knocking it to the ground and destroying it a little.

Ella had such a wonderful and adorable Wizard of Oz first birthday session! Her first birthday was a hit as well from what I’m told! I’m sad I couldn’t stick around long enough to be there, but I am so happy to have been able to celebrate one on one with the family! Until next time, sweet Ella! To check out a behind the scenes look at the rest of our adventure, check out the road trip blog!

Ella | Wizard of Oz Inspired First Birthday | Hampton, New Jersey

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