A Peek into the 1010 West Orlando Wedding Venue!

A Peek into the 1010 West Orlando Wedding Venue!

1010 West Orlando Wedding rings in dish

There are so many beautiful, industrial-style wedding venues in Orlando, Florida. One of my favorite venues that always stands out to me is 1010 West. Located at 1010 West Church Street, this airplane hanger turned wedding venue is one of the most unique in our Downtown area! This is one of the most popular wedding venues, so make sure you snag yourself a 1010 West Orlando wedding date while you can!

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose 1010 West as your wedding venue:

The Aesthetic and Vibes

The most obvious reason to have a 1010 West Orlando wedding: the style. This venue is industrial style and gives off a cozy, classy vibe. If those things describe your style, this is the venue for you! This industrial-style wedding venue features beautiful arched metal framing on the roof, exposed brick, and shiplap around the venue – it’s like getting married in a fairytale.

I must warn you – when you approach 1010 West, it gives off speakeasy vibes from the outside, but once you get inside, you’ll be left breathless. I love the authentic and vintage vibe it gives off. It’s the true definition of industrial style, with all the raw exposed elements such as exposed brick, metal framing, and shiplap.

1010 West Orlando Weddings are AFFORDABLE

One of the best things about the 1010 West Orlando wedding venue is that it’s affordable. Before they give you an actual price, they’ll sit with you and your partner and determine exactly what you need for your special day. However, to give you a ballpark price range, their prices can range from $1,900 to $3,200.

1010 West also offers all-inclusive packages that include your food, décor, table linens, centerpieces, music, activity add-ons like photo booths, furniture and so much more. You can pick and choose what you want, and they’ll create a custom package for you. How awesome is that??

Day of Coordinator Options

You’d be surprised how much this can help alleviate stress on the day of your wedding. If you decide to hire one of 1010 West’s day of coordinators, they handle all the following:

  • Contact your vendors
  • Coordinator vendor meetings such as cake tastings
  • Manage your wedding day timeline
  • Help with design elements
  • Help with floor plans
  • Assist with the rehearsal dinner

This service is here to help your day go right and take the stress off you so you can enjoy your special day!

In-House Furniture Rentals

If you’re looking to rent tables, décor, Edison lights, etc. they have this in-house! Unlike most places, you can actually rent these items directly from the venue. This takes an extra step off your plate and will make your life that much easier!

1010 West Orlando Wedding Venue

1010 West is one of the most beautiful and magical places to get married. With their amazing aesthetic, coordinator options, in-house rentals, and affordability, a 1010 West Orlando wedding can’t be beat. If you are looking to have an industrial-style wedding, this is the venue for you! You can take request more information about this venue here.

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